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Kids in Prague

Sokolovna Restaurant with Playground and Babysitting, Pruhonice

Playgrounds, Restaurants and Cafes on 06 October 2014 by Darina


We kind of covered Sokolovna Pruhonice Restaurant when Larissa attended a birthday party here but it was more about birthday parties at Sokolovna. Recently we went for lunch with another family and it was a blast. A big playground, English speaking entertainers on the spot, a craft room, playroom and a big gym. You can easily spend half a day here and your kids will not get bored.

International Youth Hockey League, Prague

Activities, Sports and Fitness on 26 September 2014 by Larissa


The Only International Youth Ice Hockey Team in Prague Skates Again!
Just beginning to skate? Come and learn with us.
Already have your own gear? Great, we will find a line for you.
If you are a goalie, you are golden!


Mushroom Picking in Czech Forests with Kids

Activities, Useful Information on 26 August 2014 by Darina


I thought I will share with you this tip because many foreigners have asked me about this custom that is hugely popular in the Czech rep. The mushroom season usually begins in May and culminates in early November with the later part of Summer and early Autumn being prime picking season. So you still have a chance to spend a refreshing time in the forest being rewarded by full basket of mushrooms. We went last week and our kids are still talking about it.

Geocaching with Kids

Activities, Day Trips on 11 August 2014 by Larissa


We like to encourage our kids to take walks in nature, one way to encourage their love of the outdoors is to pair it with their love of adventure and discovery. This is where Geocache fits perfectly - what many people do not realise is that we are surrounded by hidden treasure boxes - all over the world. So when we head off into the wilderness ‘looking for treasure’ that’s exactly our goal.

Šutka Aquacentrum, Prague 8

Swimming Activities, Sports and Fitness on 30 July 2014 by Larissa


Opened since December 2013, Sutka is sparkly clean with something for everyone. This is our choice when the kids are begging for a swim. This venue is cheaper and less crowded than the big Aquapark in Cestlice yet it has enough attractions to keep our kids (aged 8 and 5) satisfied. We don’t need wild rivers and extreme slides so why pay extra for it. At Sutka kids will love the water slides - 5 in total for all age groups.

Zirafa Indoor Playground and Funpark, Prague - Cestlice

on 20 June 2014 by Darina


Finally we made it to this huge Indoor Playground in Prague - Cestlice, close to the famous Aquapalace aqua park. And…. spent a fortune there; what looked so innocent at the beginning turned out to be quite an investment. Yet this is one of the 2 biggest indoor playgrounds in Prague and it’s worth spending a minimum half day here. The playground has both indoor and outdoor attractions over an area of 8000m2.

Vinohradský Parlament Restaurant with Kids Playroom, Prague 2

Restaurants and Cafes on 02 June 2014 by Larissa


Many of us regularly have family or friends visit from other countries who are keen to try out the local cuisine. In the past it was tricky, many were smoke-filled dark spaces with deep fryer on overdrive and surly wait-staff. Then along came czech hospoda chain restaurants that challenged others to refine their ambience, quality of food and service levels. One step further is the newish Vinohradský Parlament proving that beer, great food, visitors and kids can all mix in harmony!

Kinderschule - Interactive German language lessons for kids, Prague 5

Activities on 19 May 2014 by Larissa


It’s common knowledge that children have an ability to pick up foreign languages fast. Their young brains retain new words so much easier than ours and they have a willingness to express themselves in a new language without being self-conscious. Early immersion into a foreign language environment is very helpful especially one that is fun, friendly and action-packed. Kinderschule offer this approach in teaching German to kids (age 4 to 8 years) with little or no German. Their small group approach is focused on physical activity, rhymes, songs and cultural activities that involve all the senses in the learning process.

Shows for kids at Prague Fringe Festival 2014, Prague 1

Events on 13 May 2014 by Larissa


Prague Fringe (May 23 to May 31) is a series of 1 hour performances in the form of dramatic plays, concerts, comedies, puppetry and dance staged all over Mala Strana. Home to Prague Fringe is Malostranska Beseda right on Malostranske namesti - here you can get a copy of the Fringe program or attend Fringe Sunday for free (May 25 at 14:45 - 16:15) and see a 1 minute performance from each act. Here is a run-down on performances suited for children ages 5 and up plus a larger collection for those 12+. Or alternatively, book a sitter and enjoy some of the great adult performances too.

Prokopske & Dalejske Valley with Playgrounds, Prague 5-13

Playgrounds, Activities, Day Trips on 07 May 2014 by Darina


You wake up in the morning, the weather is nice and you wonder, where you could take your family for a nice walk, bicycle ride, BBQ, experience and a bit of adventure to enjoy nature… here is your answer within Prague. Prokopske udoli (Prokopske Valley) stretches from Prague 5 Reporyje all the way to Prague Barrandov and Prague Hlubocepy. Trees, Playgrounds, BBQ spots, a petting farm and quarry with lake and swans. All this awaits you.