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Kids swimming classes with Andrea, Prague 1 & 5

Swimming Activities, Sports and Fitness on 03 March 2011 by Darina


There are not nearly enough swimming classes in English for Kids in Prague. For me this is the only one I was able to find so far with instructions in good English and also German. We will try to find some more for you but for the time being let me take you through my own experience of Andrea’s classes.

Check the possibility of Day Summer Camps in Prague in English. Might save you when your Kindergarten shuts down for maintenance. This useful information you will find at the end of our article.

Our class took place at Intercontinental hotel Spa. The reason for the swimming being held here is that the water is warm here and the atmosphere more than friendly. We have already covered this Spa for you as it’s one of the nicest in Prague.


We used to be members and come here when Marcus was just a few month old. Since weve moved to another district we have changed our Gym and Spa but we have the best memories of this place.


The water in the swimming pool is semi salty and heated to 28c. NICE. Its never crowded and this time we were the only guests there. The reason why the place isn’t packed is that the membership is quite expensive. This keeps away the crowds and thus good value for money. Also, it is a hotel spa and I am sure the guest of the luxurious hotel Intercontinetal wouldn’t be happy with big crowds. The teachers also run swimming classes at R-Centrum -  a spa in the famous Homolka hospital at Prague 5. I was very much interested to have classes for my boys there since we live right under it. Although the teachers do not recommend it as much because the pool is often crowded and kids get distracted. But if you insist you can have your class there as well.


Now back to the Swimming Classes. Viva la Vita organises swimming for kindergartenaged kids in English,German and Czech as well as private lessons. From what I know they cooperate with Global Concept Kindergarten, Bumble Bee Kindergarten and Modre Nebe French Kindergarten. Just in case you were looking to find a kindergarten offering swimming for kids.

When it comes to private classes your child gets his own Instructor for the whole 40 min.

The Instructors are all students of a Sport University and speak good English. My boys have been looked after by Silvie and Katka who took them through different stages of the swimming class based on how good my boys were responding. Apart from swimming on the belly and swimming on the back, they did some jumping over the foam wall which they enjoyed tremendously. They fully trusted their teachers and I was in shock when my younger Nikki floated on his back, head in the water without any fear. Not like him at all.


At the end of the class they were lifting special pads from the stairs to the pool that were under the water. This way they were learning how to hold their breath and get orientated under the water. After the class we all hopped into a whirlpool to get warmed up.


If I was to choose a perfect sport class for my boys – this would be it. We stayed for another hour after the class and had a great splashing time, not mentioning 20 min in the hot Jacuzzi. Individual class costs 400 czk and they usually take just one child. If you have siblings they can share the class but both of them will pay 400 CZK each.  I recommend an individual Instructor for each child at least at the beginning.


The way it works at the Hotel Intercontinental is as follows. One time entry to the pool for kid costs 250czk. To this you have to add 400czk for the class. You can save 50czk on pool entry if you buy 10 entry pass for 2000czk. That would mean you will pay 200czk for the entry to the pool. + 400czk for the class. Common practice is to buy minimum 5 classes and pay upfront. Cancellations are accepted 24 hours prior without any charges. If you don’t come to the class or don’t manage to cancel it it will be charged as a normal class.


It happens from time-to-time that parents don’t remember to cancel and then the Instructors sit by the pool in their swimming suits waiting - wasting their time. Very often they travel to the pool just for that one particular lesson so it it understood they have to be compensated for the time they spend waiting anyway. Just to explain :-). If your child gets sick and cannot join, the class will be re-scheduled to another date without any problems.


Viva ala Vita also specialises in family weekends and getaways to Italy in the mountains as well as in the summer camps for kids. I have been asked several times by my Expat friends – what to do with kids in the summer time when their kindergarten shuts down for holidays.

Just to summarise their handy products are all handled in English or German:

1) Swimming Classes - see above and for further information visit:

2) Summer Day Camps- first 2 weekends of July, 5 days a week from 9:00 - 16:00 you can place your child in their Day Care, held at the Sport Centre ERPET, Prague 5, where they have sports programme together with snacks, lunch, drink and an afternoon rest. They accept Kids from 2.5y and they CHANGE NAPPIES!!!! One week costs: 6000czk. If your Kindergarten closes for July - you have this alternative. Further Information:

3) Sport Saturdays for Kids - Day full of fun and sport activities with Instructors, held again in the ERPET Sport Centre. Includes sport games based on gymnastics, dance and ball games, golf and different competitions. It might sound too intense, but I have been told its all up to the kids, how they feel and what they can manage. If they are too tired, there is a scheduled rest time too when they can have a nap. This one day together with food costs 1200czk. Not bad at all. Further details on:
Sport’s Saturdays take place usually in March till May. Reservation obligatory.

4) Relaxing Sport’s Weekends in Spidleruv Mlyn (One of the famous Czech mountain resorts) - all in English of course. Cost: price per adult and one child 7500czk, price for 1 adult and 2 children 9500czk. Sports and relaxing weekend for mums and kids in Spindleruv Mlyn, a place surrounded by the beautiful nature of Krkonose. Accommodation in Windsor**** hotel (see; the rooms are Family apartments consisting of 2 rooms), the program starts on Friday at 4pm and finishes on Sunday after lunch. Kids have swimming lessons, sports games, nature adventures and relaxing activities, for mums there is a wellness program including power joga, aqua aerobics and body work. Its all easy and you join in only when you feel like it. Point is - don’t be scared that you are going for some weekend packed with sports where you wont be able to move a single muscle afterwards. Further Information:

The whole philosophy is to have a relaxing time in the fresh air with your family with the possibility to move your body :-) I love that concept and it is on my TO DO list to go. I love Spindleruv Mlyn, its one of our nicest mountains places and the though of having everything organised sounds like fun.

1) Swimming Classes:
2) Summer Day Camps:
3) Sport Saturdays for Kids:
4) Relaxing Sport’s Weekends in Spidleruv Mlyn (One of the famous Czech moutain resorts):