Kids in Prague

Arkady Pankrac Indoor Playground, Prague 4

Indoor Playgrounds on 27 August 2009 by Darina


This is the Newest of Indoor Playgrounds in Prague. Its been open for a few months now and is located in Shopping Centre ARKADY PANKRAC, Prague 4. Right above the METRO station of the same name: Pankrac.

It has a similar set–up as the Indoor Playground (Destky koutek) in Chodov Shopping Mall but the staff and rules are much more friendly. Hope that’s not going to change.


The biggest attraction there are the “Electrical Cars” of all sizes that kids can ride round and round. As a proud mom I watched my young Nikki getting a hold of the driving wheel and driving like he has been practicing already in the belly. It must be the testosterone factor I guess. It still amazes me to watch my sons growing side by side being totally different and having totally different talents. I swear to God they have the same father.


Nikki has been into cars since he started crawling. Even still we usually have to remove around 5 cars from his bed when he goes to sleep and I always carry one match box model inside my hand bag – for the state of emergency. (….like mad kicking frenzy in the shop or simple “NO, I don’t” want mode…)


Both of my boys had so much fun and we couldn’t get them off the cars. Its so refreshing to have such a place where the rides are included in the price of entry and you don’t have to pay for every single ride.

What else do they have there: AC and a day light, slide into a pool of balls, mini cinema with Plasma TV, an art zone as well as an interactive zone with the Sony Playstation game brackets. The decor of the playground is in the style of an ancient Aztec town surrounded by the jungle with wild animals. The entrance to the playground is protected by a big snake hanging from the ceiling. 


OPEN: 09:00 - 21:00 every day

ADDRESS: Arkády Pankrác Shopping Mall, Na Pankráci 86,  Prague 4

DIRECTIONS: By METRO it is very easy, METRO station PANKRAC, red line C is right next to the Shopping Centre. By TRAM: take tram no.18 to the Station: PRAVZSKEHO POVSTANI and walk up the street towards Bauhaus. By BUS: 188, 193, 504, 505, 509, 513 to the bus stop: PANKRAC.