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Babysitting and Home Help on 13 September 2008 by Darina


After interviewing several Prague Home Help Agencies about their services, prices and general customer service I have to recommend Baby Agency as the friendliest and most helpful out of the lot. They even send the baby sitters to you so you can interview them in your home and find a sitter who fits your needs. All the staff at Baby Agency, as well as their sitters speak English and are mainly students. They have no hidden charges or extra payments for weekends or extra children. They can babysit at hotels or at your place of work. The agency provides both one-off or permanent baby sitting as well as Household help.

The owner was very pleasant when I spoke to her and manages her business very professionally. Her Agency has a full database of English Speaking Students who are available at different times of the day. What I found extremely handy was that you could choose the girl yourself - that is if looking for regular babysitting. All you do is send through your requested times and days of the week and they will send you 2-3 girls at a time to choose from until you find the one with which you “click”.

The prices are reasonable and simple:

Child minding within the home is 155 CZK for the first hour, 155 CZK for the second hour and each additional hour is charged at 140 CZK (there is no extra charge for 2-3 children or for English).
A Nanny who takes children outdoors and on excursions etc. is 180 CZK for the first hour, 180 CZK for the second hour and each additional hour is charged at 140 CZK (there is no extra charge for 2-3 children or for English).

Child minding at your hotel or office is charged at 200 CZK per hour.

You can combine babysitting with household help, but you will be charged separately. It can be done either by the same girl who babysits or you can ask for another person.

Cleaning, Ironing and household help is charged at 180 CZK per hour.

The babysitter or cleaner will present you with an Attendance list when leaving that you will have to sign. The payment is then invoiced via email.

You can also pay an 8000 CZK one off fee and the Agency will help find you a Nanny according to your needs. In case the Nanny quits or you fire her within the first 3 months, they will find a replacement for no extra charge. The per hour rate is negotiated between you and the Nanny, the agency is not involved.

CONTACT: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or phone: +420 739 310 848 (English spoken)