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Kids in Prague

Kid-Friendly Belohorska Pharmacy Prague 6

Useful Information on 03 December 2012 by Darina (3 comments)


There is a reason why we decided to write about this Pharmacy. Sure, there are heaps of them all around the town but not many with a play area for kids and very few where you get treated right, where you get the right information about drugs and excellent service in English. I am so sick and tired of the ‘Czech attitude’ when It comes to service. Here we’ve also negotiated a 10% discount for those who come in and say: ‘I’m from kidsinprague’. This can be used on anything including cosmetics and baby food.

All foreigners or any Czech who has lived abroad could write a saga on how bad service in Czech Republic is. Me and my husband go to only a few restaurants and are afraid to experiment because at our regular spots at least we know we will get good service and wont have our evening spoilt by some weirdo without manners.


The older I get the more conflicts I have in shops and restaurants around Prague because I am becoming less and less tolerant to the bad ways that many treat their customers. AND I AM CZECH!!! That is the reason why I wanted to write about this Pharmacy – this place is like a different planet. You always get treated right here.


I have been coming here for many years now. I do have some other Pharmacies closer to my house, but somehow here – I get all the information and treatment I need. The Pharmacy is spacious and they’ve made the effort to place a play area for kids. They speak English here and have created a family atmosphere. Eventually, we’ve become so friendly that I decided to write up about them and when I told them, the owner came up with a discount for all our readers! :-)


I am really interested in how foreigners get around Pharmacies in Prague. I am Czech (and a former Nurse) and I always need some information, advice and it makes a big change for me when I get sophisticated and helpful answers. Now what do you people do if you don’t speak Czech?

This costs over 520czk on Andel in Pharmacy in shopping mall

Here at the Pharmacy I got to know Dr. Marie who speaks great English and can help you out with anything. The rest of the staff they all speak English too. Most important - they are helpful and don’t try to sell you whatever is that is most expensive but they really care for the sick customer.

Sure, if you live somewhere in Pruhonice – you wont be coming here. But for those who live around Prague 5, 6 or are just passing through you can just stop by on one of the main streets in Prague 6 – Belohorska, and walk in. You can also place your order via phone or email, they will prepare everything and you can just pick it up.


Surprisingly, they have a huge offer of cosmetics - bigger than other Pharmacies I know around (including the ones in shopping malls). They claim to have better prices as well since they are not directly in the centre. They sell Vichy, La Roche, Bioderma, Avene, Klorane and other well-known brands too.

I don’t want this to sound as a PR article but after being an expat in North Africa, Turkey & Poland I know it can be a struggle in a foreign country - especially when it comes to the health of the family and kids – its always handy to have good contacts and people you can rely on.


OPEN: Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 18:00

ADDRESS: Bělohorská st. 118, Prague 6, opposite BILLA

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)