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Biotop Swimming Pool, Prague - Radotín

Swimming Activities on 08 July 2016 by Darina (5 comments)


Healthy swimming without added chemicals. Radotin Biotope is the one and only swimming pool in Prague. It uses a biological method to maintain clean water without chemicals using aquatic plants and natural ecosystems in filtered lagoons. It is clean swimming without chlorine.


I was desperate to find this swimming place for some time. I am seriously thrilled with the concept. It is refreshing to be able to open your eyes under the water - which my kids do constantly - without ending up with red rabbit eyes at the end of the day.


On this day we cycled around Prokopske udoli to Smichovske Railway station and took a train to Radotin. It was literary 5 min to get there from the Prague-Radotin train station. The pool is relatively new therefore everything is clean and modern. Comparing these toilets to other swimming pools in Prague - was a refreshing experience.


The pool slowly descends on all sides for about 10m and then it drops. There is an area for small kids too with a slide. The toddlers were splashing about in a small stream connecting the cleansing lagoons with the pool.


We were thrilled to discover that they provide grilled meat at the bar. The choice isn’t wide: pork or chicken fillet .... but you can bring your own veg. and they will grill it for you (considering you will purchase some meal). A portion of grilled fillet costs 65czk. Apart from this they sell other refreshments and food like hot dogs, steamed corn, sandwiches etc. They also run: an Open buffet breakfast on weekends during the Summer time, 7:00 - 9:00 for 100czk. (I already told them they should prolong these hours, there is no way our family could make it :-)


Pls. NOTE - you are in the Czech Republic. 80% of the kids running around are naked…. it is considered normal here including in the small playground area. I actually had to cover the naked Monkeys on one of the pictures with stickers in photo editor :-)


What we couldn’t miss out was the Massage corner. The masseuse is present when the weather is good and asks 250czk for a 20 min massage…. and he is GOOD! He also has experience massaging kids and my Niki had a blast trying. He was talking about the massage the whole next day.


You can always check the current situation of the Bitope via their webcam - like the number of guests, weather etc. ..I had a thought - my husband could actually watch us by the pool while he has to sit in the office :-) so he can feel closer to us :-) The live web cam you can find on their website: WEBCAM

Shade is provided by wooden platforms with a roof or you can borrow an umbrella. The number of umbrellas is limited though.


ADDITIONAL REPORT FROM 10.7. - Sunday (weekend and one of the hottest days 33C )
This is what it looks like at the Biotop Radotin when its packed. They actually sold us tickets only for 2 hours, explaining the capacity is full so they allow people in just for 2 hours to cool down. We stayed 3 hours actually, because there is no way the can check if people are leaving on time and we simply forgot. They were urging Guest by public annoucements not to extend their 2 hours ticket so we packed up and left. I can imagine many people ignored it. They didn’t make us pay extra on the way out. I thing this doesn’t happen very often considering it was a weekend and really hot day….. I think it was still worth it, Kids were very happy and we managed to have a swim.




ADDRESS: Loučanská 9, Praha 5 – Radotín (entrance through: K Laznim street )

OPENED: Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 20:00, Sat - Sun: 9:00 - 20:00 (Biotop team reserves the right NOT to be opened, if the weather is bad)


ENTRANCE FEE: Mon - Fri: 100 Czk whole day, 80 Czk After 13:00, 60 Czk after 16:00, Family 2+2: 220 Czk
Weekends: 150 Czk whole day, 110 Czk After 13:00, 80 Czk after 16:00, Family 2+2: 300 Czk, Kids up to 120 cm: 60 Czk

TRANSPORTATION: Train: From Prague’s Main railway station or Smichovske railway station - train S7 to Radotin (10 min walk)
Bus: No. 244 form Smichovske Nadrazi METRO stop
Car: GPS: 49°58’44.268N, 14°21’36.039E

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://biotopradotin.cz/biotop/  (only in Czech)

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  • Tina on 16 August 2016 @ 10:37 AM

    We just went there a couple weeks ago and it was great! We took the bus from Smichovske nadrazi, which was quick and comfortable. But I think the train goes more often actually!

    We went there first thing in the morning on a Sunday and were one of the first to arrive. We wanted to beat the crowds but it ended up being a pretty chilly morning, so there was no one there. The water was chilly, but our kids still enjoyed it! And they can play on the playground until it warms up. The day slowly got warmer but there still weren’t many people there. We can’t wait to go back!

    Question: when is the masseuse there? Does he have specific hours?

  • Anna on 11 September 2016 @ 10:22 AM

    Note from yesterday - 10th September: There was a huge company event in the sports camp and on the beach, 70% of the place was closed from visitors, it resulted big crowd on the remaining green areas. There was no notification at the entry but they said we payed reduced entry - I am not sure. Better check before you go (although no note on their website) it was a very unpleasant surprise, but if you go with kids to the beach you can’t just leave, so we stayed, and kept explaining the kids why they can’t use the playground and the trampoline. Other issue is that the “floor” as you enter is very slippery, there is algae, lots of them, although a guy tried to clean with a brush - no luck. Every single kid running happily to the water fell, you should consider bringing water sandals. Also advised to bring and old swimsuit not the best one, as the kids are entering the pool on their butts, being the safest method now…

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