Kids in Prague

Cafe Adria with play area, Prague 1

Restaurants and Cafes on 11 March 2010 by Larissa


I found this spot in early autumn, I only wished I’d stumbled on it sooner - like the beginning of summer. The reason is that this cafe has an incredibly large and very peaceful terrace that looks out over one of the busiest spots in the city. Even better, the cafe has a children’s play room inside.

So finding myself around Narodni Trida, I was trying to think of a non touristy place where my sister and I could escape the heat, crowds and find some privacy to feed the baby. I’d had actually been here a couple of times before with David & Lucie and we loved the spacious terrace with it’s beautiful architectural views, so I thought why not give it a go again?


To my surprise on entering I noticed the enclosed playroom within the indoor area, stocked with toys. As I was with a newborn and my sister I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of the play area (which to be honest looks rather untidy in this photo - maybe they’d had some rowdy kids there earlier in the day?) but will try it out when we next find ourselves downtown.

The terrace truly was an oasis on an unusually warm day. Service was very pleasant - I’ve always found the staff there friendly. The menu offers Italian and Czech food and is open for Breakfast as well as Lunch and Dinner. Again, I’ve only come here for drinks and deserts so I can’t personally vouch for the food.


Do not despair though, now that winter is here and terrace dining is but a sweet memory, as the interior of Adria is appealingly fitted out in classic Prague cafe style. Looking around you would think that the cafe has been here for many years but it only opened in 2007. Of interest are the large photos on the wall which show Milos Forman and cast creating the movie Amadeus which was filmed in 1984’s then Communist Prague.

One thing to note, Kavarna Adria is on the 3rd floor of the distinctive Palac Adria building and is serviced by a lift. This lift is reasonably small and my 3 wheeled (and rather wide) pram did not fit in so we had to carry it up the stairs, on the other hand my Maclaren pram fits in easily. So be warned if you have a huge pram or a double stroller you may not fit in and will have to take the stairs.


In summary, Adria is a great spot to refuel and recharge if you find yourself in the centre of town. It’s large interior and exterior dining areas provide plenty of space for all the gear we tend to lug around for young ones. The big plus (besides the terrace in summer) is the play area, ready to keep your kids occupied. Nearby you will also find Divadlo Minaret so if you’re stumped for ideas on the weekend why not try out one of their kids theatre shows and bribe your charges with hot chocolate at Adria afterwards IF they behave themselves during the performance!

ADDRESS: 3rd Floor of Palac Adria, Narodni 40/36, Prague 1

DIRECTIONS: BY METRO: Take the Yellow line C to Mustek (closest) or Narodni Trida. Or take the green line A to Mustek for an easy walk. BY TRAM: Take tram numbers 6, 9, 18 or 22 to Narodni Trida.