Kids in Prague

Cafe Pointa with Kids Corner, Prague 6

Restaurants and Cafes on 15 August 2012 by Larissa


We decided to visit this newly opened restaurant/cafe last weekend before we took a walk in the Castle gardens. This is the beauty of Cafe Pointa’s location, it’s close to Letna Park with it’s various playgrounds as well as the Castle. There is not a lot on offer in this part of town so we were thrilled to discover a great menu, ambiance and a charming ‘kitchen’ play corner that enchanted our kids.

The whole restaurant is light-filled as it sits on the corner of two streets and has high glass window panes looking out in both directions. The decor is cool sophistication, wallpapered and painted in blue, golds and silver - despite the level of sophistication families are very much welcomed - pointedly, by the installation of a custom designed kitchen play corner which includes little chef’s outfits just waiting to be worn.


Our kid’s (aged 3 and 6) were thrilled and immediately had to chose their outfits which we had trouble removing them from when it came to leaving. Their imagination took off straight away and they soon began mixing cakes and baking them in the oven, stirring pots and cooking toast in the little toaster. This area was really well stocked with lots of plastic foods and fruits as well as a cash teller so the kids could ring up their takings.


This in turn lead to various requests that we go order food from them and pay for it. We then had constant table service, not just from the waiter at Cafe Pointa but from our own kids - pouring drinks, bringing along the cakes they’d made, taking orders etc. etc. It was quite amusing but a bit annoying so I’d send them off with rather large and complicated orders to keep them busy!


We were seated in the main dining area, just 2 steps down from the kid’s corner so we had a wall separating us and enough of a barrier for peace and quiet when they were busy. If you have smaller kids then there are tables right next to the kids corner as well as 2 or 3 high chairs. There is also plenty of space for prams too. I can imagine this would be a terrific spot for mothers to meet with babies and toddlers.


The food was very fresh and light with zesty flavors, just as we like it. We ordered an Avocado Salad and Cesar Salad with garlic bread and the kids shared a full-size spaghetti dish with beef and rucola, split over 2 plates. A kids menu is planned and will be available soon. Exciting for me was the lovely looking breakfast menu - I love breakfast/brunch type meals are hard to find in Prague. Pointa’s menu looks good and I photographed it to share with you, French toast with dark rum and cinnamon served with maple syrup and fresh fruit salad, Scrambled eggs with chives and crispy bacon and toast or with fresh Norwegian salmon, Croissant with smoked salmon and avocado or Croissant with ham cheese and fresh salad.

So soon will be Letni Letna (the annual Circus Festival featuring lots of little shows for kids) so if you don’t often go to this part of town, why not attend Letni Letna and try out this place too. Cafe Pointa is worth the trip and worthy of support - I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

OPEN: Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 22:00 and Sat - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00

ADDRESS: Na Valech 2, Prague 6


DIRECTIONS: Take Metro A (green line) to Hradčanská or Trams 1, 8, 18 or 20 to Hradčanská tram stop. By Car you’ll probably find paid parking in Milady Horakove, the main street above Hradčanská metro stop.