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Chodov Shopping Mall Indoor Playground, Prague 4

Indoor Playgrounds on 15 March 2010 by Darina


Some time ago I wrote an unflattering entry about the Indoor Playground at Chodov. A year later - it has moved to a different floor at the shopping mall, has changed deco and staff. This visit it was all right so let me tell you where to find it and what the new set-up is like.


What you need to know straight from the start is that this Indoor Playground allows entry of children aged 3 years and up. Younger children are allowed in only between 9:00 and 14:00. The common practise is if you turn up later and they are not full you will be let in even if you kid is under 3. But please be prepared that you may not get in after the specified hours with your child under 3.


Parking was a nightmare, I drove around at least 3 times before finding a parking place. Maybe it was because it was raining, but it totaly put me off by going there again by car. Unfortunately this hasn’t changed.

The new thing about it is that there is a Cafe within the area. You can sit down and have coffee while your kid plays. The 2 play areas are divided by the Cafe which protects the little kids from getting run over by the electric cars that older kids operate. The electric cars are a big hit. My kids cannot get enough. Never. Here there is enough space to go round and round and lets not forget that what could seem small to adults looks huge in scale to children. For the first time I saw an electric Thomas the Tank Engine where kids can get a ride.


The second area is peaceful with a small play corner, work tables and 3 Play Stations. To my surprise there was a man looking after the kids, playing with them and looking after the Play Stations. I have heard lately from several Kindergartens and Indoor Playgrounds that they like to employ male Nannies or Teachers. Can I use the word Nanny for a male? I’m not even sure what to call a male babysitter. Guess they wouldn’t be happy with the Nanny word, would they…..


The whole idea behind it is to provide a male factor for kids who are desperately missing one at home. Either - Mommy is a single mum or - Daddy is so busy at work, staying past working hours so they don’t get much time with him. So many times this has happened to us, other kids were literary hanging onto my husband just because they missed their own Father. They have a point.

Also, a male presence has a smoothing effect within a female dominated work team. I have experienced this several times at my work.


They have managed to move the toboggan here from the first venue but it is not very visible in the photos because its built into the wall. The video room has several fatboy beanbags to rest on where your kid can take it easy. It doesn’t happen often with my kids but there were a few kids watching cartoons.

I have been told this play area is the most visited one out of all the Time Outs in Prague ( Time Out Indoor Playgroud, Prague 5, Cerny most Shopping mall Indoor Playground, Prague 9).

OPEN: 09:00 - 21:00

ADDRESS: Shopping Mall Chodov, Roztylská 2321/19, Prague 4, 1st. Floor

0-1 Hour : 49 CZK
1-2 Hours: 64 CZK
2-3 Hours: 79 CZK
every hour after 3 hours of stay is charged at 60 CZK per hour

Your child can choose from drinks offered: Jupik, Aqua Jupik, Rajec water and you will be charged extra when you pick them up. If you do not wish you child to be offered the drinks you have to inform the staff.

DIRECTIONS:By Metro take the red line C to metro station Chodov. By bus take bus number’s 115, 122, 136, 154, 177 or 197. By car take the D1 freeway towards Brno and take Exit: Chodov - Nakupni Zona (Shopping Zone) Don´t take the exit Chodov.

CONTACT: GSM: +420 736 671 009, +420 736 671 011, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)