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Classical Concerts for Future Mums, Prague 1

Events, Just for Mums on 07 February 2011 by Larissa


If you are currently expecting a baby you may enjoy these specially organised concerts for pregnant women and their family and friends at the Rudolfinum in central Prague. Each concert has a theme and the music and performers are chosen to relax and provide ultimate listening pleasure for you and your baby in utero.

This is something I would have loved to have attended when pregnant with either of my kids, unfortunately there was nothing like this on offer. The program has been running since late October but there are 9 more concerts scheduled till early June with the next being held on 8 February.

Concerts are always held at 5pm on a Tuesday in the Suk Hall (better known as Sukova Síň in Czech) and feature a diverse range of performances and instruments - from Harp Soloists, Mezzo Soprano Opera Singers, through to more contemporary Gershwin classics and Jazz melodies. The usual favorites are also performed, classic pieces by Debussy, Bach and of course some Czech composers eg. Dvorak so you have a wonderful selection of music presented to you at each concert.


Tickets are very reasonable, between 200 to 250czk per performance and if you buy 6 concerts or more you receive a 20% discount.

The concert is played in semi darkness decorated with blue lighting to fully relax the audience. Mums to be can focus on their unborn child, mediate and take time out from the stress of daily life.

The idea for these concerts comes from the Japanese Suzuki method of music therapy to help settle and rejuvenate the body and mind. Listening to classical and calming music is also supported by obstetrics and neonatal professionals as a way to reduce anxiety and tension. You are no doubt familiar with all the Classical Music CD’s for new babies to help lull them to sleep - so there must be some power to this music!

The performance schedule for the next few months is as follows:
8th February, 22nd February, 1st March, 29th March, 12th April, 26th April, 10th May, 24th May, 7th June
Performances start at 5pm


ADDRESSES: Rudolfinum, Alšovo nábřeží 12, Prague 1 (Suk Hall/Sukova síň)

DIRECTIONS: Rudolfinum: Trams 17 and 18 to Starometska, Metro: A line to Starometska, Car: paid parking is underneath Rudolfinum.

FURTHER INFORMATION: (mothers concert info in Czech but ticket ordering is in English)