Kids in Prague

Coloseum Restaurant and Indoor Playground, Prague 1

Restaurants and Cafes on 12 July 2009 by Darina


Personally, I’ve had good experiences with Pizza Coloseum restaurants in Prague. There are 6 of them in total and 1 in Brno and I know for sure that 3 of them have indoor play areas for kids. The one I am reviewing is right at the bottom of Wenceslas Square on Mustek upstairs in Koruna Palace. Easy by Metro - a nightmare by car. And of course, I went by car…...

The second Coloseum with a small play area is at Andel and the third one in Pruhonice promises 2 indoor play areas (but this I haven’t seen). The Andel play area is being reconstructed over summer so there is no point talking of it now, lets wait for what they come up with.


I completely chose the wrong time to go to Coloseum in Koruna Palace on Mustek: lunchtime. The whole place was buzzing and there was no place next to the play area. That didn’t help much since I was stressed already when I got there, I had been cruising around Prague 1 for at least 25 min to find parking. Eventually I payed for underground parking in Opletalova Street, it costs a bit more but you always find a spot.

If you want to hook up with friends for lunch you should make a reservation. Eventually we got a table right next to the indoor play area but its no fun switching tables with all the drinks, pram and 2 hungry and grumpy kids all by myself. I was thrilled to discover they have a KIDS MENU. Marcus decided on fish fingers with boiled potatoes and I chose creamy risotto for Nikki. The whole lunch for 1 adult + 2 kids and drinks cost us around 550 CZK. Its not cheap, but considering its right in the centre its bearable.


The play area. Oh well…... it could have been cleaner and bigger. I guess that was the best they could come up with and the truth is, at least it is separated from the main restaurant by walls and the kids managed to stay there. Although, I cannot imagine more then 4 kids inside. Knowing how few places there are with indoor play areas there are in the center, I put my hands down.

Coloseum restaurants belong to a big Catering group with other restaurants like Jarmark and U Bezousku. I have purchased their Bonus+Discount card and for every meal we receive points and with every bill you get a 5 to 15% discount. The height of the discount depends on which restaurant it is and what time of the day. A smart marketing move.


So far - we’ve collected enough points to get a bottle of good wine with our meal or 2 tickets to the Cinema! They have other options but I haven’t had time to look into it yet. The card is called BAKARTA and from what I know it is popular with Prague’s crowd. You might be asked if you have one - if you don’t - you can get one for 100 CZK. I was hesitant to get it, because since when do you have to pay for a Bonus Card. But the investment returned on the first bill discount and so far so good its working fine. Their justification for having to pay for it was that clients will treasure it and not lose it so easily. It makes sense.


I have always received GOOD service in their restaurants and the food was worth the money most of the time. Once I dared to return a bottle of a wine I just didnt like and without a fuss they exchanged it. Murphys law - last time I went I invited a friend of mine - Suzanne, telling her how good the food was. She had completely over-cooked spaghetti and If we had the time - she would have returned it - but this time she just had to put up with it. Sorry Suzanne I will make it up to you!

OPEN: 11:00 - 23:00

ADDRESS: Václavské nám. 1 (Corner of Wencesla’s Square and Na Prikopech street), Prague 1 - Mustek

DIRECTIONS: By Metro: take the green line A or yellow line B to Mustek. By tram: Take no’s 9, 3, 10 or 24 to Vaclavske namesti tram stop. It is in Koruna Palace on the first floor - you have to take the escalators to get there. You can see the restaurant windows from the street.

CONTACT: For reservations: +420 222 242 286