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Costume Rental Tips in Prague

Useful Information on 11 October 2011 by Darina (4 comments)


In the past week I have received at least 3 calls from my foreign friends asking help to find decent costume rental in Prague. Last year I have visited few of them and here is an overview what you can expect. Don’t forget to reserve your costume on-time, because Czechs hold many fancy-dress parties for kids over winter as well as fancy dress parties and balls for adults. If you wish to purchase a kids costume - you will find quite a good choice in Tesco, Bambule Toy Shops, Sparkies and even NEXT.


List Of Costume Rentals In Prague

Vera Black Costume Rental, Prague 5 - Kosire

This is probably one of the best costume rentals I’ve visited, it’s mainly for Adults. The owner, Vera, creates all of the costumes herself and they are all very nice. She has Mens, Ladies and Kids costumes. She doesn’t speak English and I advise you to go there with a translator or at least list in Czech your wishes. You will choose your Costume and book it for certain days. You will have to pay a deposit on the spot around 500czk and you will come back to pick up the costume when you need it. You will need to present some ID. No need to have it dry-cleaned - she does it herself and it is included in the price. You will be also asked to leave a deposit that will be reimbursed to you when you return the costume - usually 750 to 1000czk. She also makes costumes and made-to-measure bridesmaids dresses. You can also rent a gown (ball dress) as well as tuxedo here. Remember to have CASH on you. No Cards are accepted.

OPEN: Mo, Thur, Fri 13:00 -17:00
Its possible to set up another time over the phone.
ADDRESS: U Kavalirky 500/1, Prague 5
PHONE: 603 174 876
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: http://www.verablack.cz
Kids Costumes: not many really - http://www.verablack.cz/obsah/karnevalove-kostymy.html?p=4


Vse Na Karneval Costume Rental, Prague 6 - Repy

This is a costume rental where I borrowed costumes for the whole of our family and bought few wigs. I was very happy with the choice and with the service. They have a good choice of adult and kids costumes. I mean - for Prague. If you are an American - you would find it poorly :-) because America is full of awesome costumes everywhere. Just to explain. This Rental is a bit hard to find. It’s on the top floor (2.nd) of the Shopping Point shopping centre in Repy - Prague 5 - forsome reason they say Prague 6 - Repy - but its more Prague 5. It is a very Czech district - with just a few foreigners. You have the rely only on yourself - do not expect anybody to speak English here. yet again - the owner is nice and will do the best to help you out. Only in Czech thought.
Same system here as at Vera Black. You choose - prepay a certain deposit - pick up your costumes on the agreed date, if it happens to be for weekend function - you are charged just for one day rental and you have to return it on the following Monday. Adult costumes costs between 490 to 590czk to rent for 3 days, Kids costumes 250 to 390czk. Depending on the value of the costume.

OPEN: Mo, Wed, Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Tue, Thur 10:00 - 16:00
ADDRESS: Shopping Point Makovského 1392/2b, Prague 5
PHONE: 777 83 27 10
Web: http://www.vsenakarneval.estranky.cz/
Kids Costumes: http://www.vsenakarneval.estranky.cz/fotoalbum/kostymy/kostymy-deti


Agentura Karneval Costume Rental, Prague 10

A friendly place in Prague 10, Vrsovice. They take reservations only 14 days or less before the function. Have cash ready - no Credit Cards are accepted. The last 30 min of opening hours is for pick-ups and drop-offs only. Very Czech, isn’t it :-) They have an incredibly wide choice of costumes. Historical, Ethnic, Animal costumes, Film costumes as well as Erotic! You can look at the kids costumes here http://www.agenturakarneval.cz/node/187, only in Czech. How is their English - I do not know. Yet again they made an effort to translate their web to English. And that counts for something :-) http://english.agenturakarneval.cz/

OPEN: Mo, Thur, Fri 10:00 -18:00, Tue, Wed 10:00 - 17:00
ADDRESS:  28. Pluku 7 street, Prague 10 - Vršovice
PHONE: 272 732 532, 603 435 548, 724 034 065
E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: http://english.agenturakarneval.cz/
Kids Costumes: http://english.agenturakarneval.cz/node/7


All the rest of the listed Costume rentals I have not personally visited, I only know them from the web. You might like share with us your experiences with these firms so we all have this information for future reference. Have fun dressing up yourself or your kids this season!

Pujcovna Kostymu Praha, Prague 7

OPEN: Mo 13:00- 17:30, Tue, Fri 13:00 - 18:30, Wed, Thur 13:00 - 17:00
ADDRESS: Simackova 4, Prague 7
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: http://pujcovnakostymupraha.cz/contact-form.php
Kids Costumes: http://www.pujcovnakostymupraha.cz/cs/31-detske-maskarni-kostymy-praha


Pujcovna-Kostymu.com, Prague 1

Here you can reserve your costume on-line as well. What a great idea. Prices of the costumes are usually between 250 to 600czk. In addition they take a deposit of 750czk for each costume, which is fully refundable when the costume is returned back in its original shape. They also rent costumes for Santa Claus and Mrs Claus, costumes for St. Patrick’s day or costumes for Octoberfest.

OPEN: Mo - Fri 10:30 - 18:30, Sat 12:30 - 18:30
ADDRESS: Křižovnická 8, Prague 1
PHONE: 773 60 30 90
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: http://www.pujcovna-kostymu.com/
Kids costumes: wide choice - http://www.pujcovna-kostymu.com/?c=145/kostymy-pro-nejmensi


Ladana Costume Rental, Prague 1

OPEN: Mo, Wed, Thur 9:00 - 18:00 Tue, Fri 12:00 - 16:30 hod.
ADDRESS: Opatovická street 20, Prague 1
PHONE: 224 93 02 34, 222 22 1388, 222 232
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: http://www.kostymy-ladana.cz/index.php?nid=2044&lid=CZ&oid=212366
Kids Costumes: wide choice - http://www.kostymy-ladana.cz/index.php?nid=2044&lid=CZ&oid=559253


Atelier Ferie Costume Rental, Prague 2

The owner is an artist who creates all her costumes. She will produce any costume made to measure but you can also choose from a wide choice of pre-made costumes. She also organises kids birthday parties and makes puppets. If I lived in Vinohrady - I would not hesitate to visit her. Not sure how her English is. You can also purchase any costumes in the studio.

OPEN: not mentioned on the web
ADDRESS: Lumírova Street 1, Prague 2
PHONE: 603866370
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web: http://www.atelierfeerie.cz/
Kids Costumes: wide choice - http://www.atelierfeerie.cz/galerie-kostymy-pro-deti-7.html


Famood Atelier, Prague 7

This is more like film studio costume rental. They do it all including Mascot costumes. They have around 2000 ready made costumes which is A LOT! (Other rental places promise around 300 costumes). They also produce any kid of costume that you need. However - I didn’t find any Kids costumes on their website. You would have to check if they had any or not.

OPEN: Mo - Thur 9:00 -18:00, Fri 9:00 - 17:00
ADDRESS: Dělnická street 53, Prague 7
PHONE: 224 930 659
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Web:  http://www.famood.cz/pujcovna-kostymu


And… if anyone is interested. I have purchased a beautiful costume for last Year’s Halloween Party from E-Bay. It was damn expensive but worth the money. If anyone would interested in renting or buying my costume - I can make a good deal on it :-)