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Foreign Medical Centres in Prague

Useful Information on 25 October 2009 by Karen (4 comments)


This article lists the numerous private clinics and hospitals that offer help to foreigners who need assistance in English or other languages. Some the medical centres also have 24-hour phone numbers, that you can call if you should require immediate help.

But if your situation is acute, and you urgently need an ambulance, then call: 112 (assistance in English) or 155. By calling 112 the operator will immediatedly connect you to an English speaker. 112 is the emergency number for the Ambulance, Fire and Police.

When locals in Prague and their children get sick, they usually turn to their nearest public medical centre during business hours, or the emergency section of their closest hospital during the night and on weekends.

In addition, both residents and non-residents alike, are free to make use of the numerous Foreign Medical Centres, which exist around Prague. If you have the relevant private medical insurance, then the cost of a visit will be covered. In all other cases you will be required to pay.

General Health Care Corporation (GHC) - Prague 1
Krakovská 8
Prague 1 - Nové Mesto
Web: http://www.ghc.cz
Phone: 222 211 206

Health Centre Na Narodni (Poliklinika na Národní) - Prague 1
Národní 9
Prague 1 - Staré Mesto
Web: http://www.poliklinika.narodni.cz
Phone: 222 075 119 - 120

Health Centre Prague, s. r. o. - Prague 1
Vodickova 28 - 30
Prague 1 - Nové Mesto
Web: http://www.doctor-prague.cz
Phone: 603 433 833
24 Hours Emergency Service: 603 433 833 and 603 481 361

Canadian Medical Care - Prague 4
V Parku 2308/8
Prague 4 - Chodov
Web: http://www.cmcpraha.cz
Phone: 272 913 593
24-Hours-On-Call General Practitioner: 724 300 301
24-Hours-On-Call Pediatrician: 724 300 303
Dentist (after hours on weekends): 724 300 312

Medicover - Prague 4
Lomnického 1705/5
Prague 4 - Pankrác
Web: http://www.medicover.com/czen/
Phone: 234 630 111

Hospital Na Homolce - Aliens Ward (Nemocnice Na Homolce - Cizinecké oddelení) - Prague 5
Roentgenova 2
Prague 5 - Motol
Web: http://www.homolka.cz
Phone: 257 271 111

Teaching Hospital Motol - Aliens Ward (Fakultní nemocnice Motol - Cizinecké oddelení) - Prague 5
V Úvalu 84
Praha 5 - Motol
Web: http://www.fnmotol.cz and http://www.fnmotol.cz/foreigners-department/html/contacts.php?menu=1
Phone: 224 431 111
Foreigners` department phone numbers:
Adults: 224 433 681, 224 433 682, 224 433 674
(Outpatient dpt. 224 433 684)
Children: 224 433 690, 224 433 691
(Outpatient dpt. 224 433 689)

Canadian Medical Care - Prague 6
Veleslavínská 1/30
Prague 6 - Veleslavín
Web: http://www.cmcpraha.cz
Phone: 235 360 133
24-Hours-On-Call General Practitioner: 724 300 301
24-Hours-On-Call Pediatrician: 724 300 303
Dentist (after hours on weekends): 724 300 312

Unicare Medical Center s.r.o. - Prague 6
Na Dlouhém lánu 11
Prague 6 - Vokovice
Phone: 235 356 553
24 Hours Emergency Service: 608 10 30 50, 602 20 10 40 and for German language - 608 10 30 40

I have only had personal, first hand experience with 2 of these establishments. So I encourage you to write your first hand experiences at any of the clinics or hospitals above in order to assist others in their choice.

Canadian Medical Care are very professional with a large ‘army’ of doctors. Their Prague 6 centre is huge, with a massive play area for children (although I’m not sure if a sick child can really take advantage of it). All the doctors are mutli-lingual and very caring, especially towards young patients. They have special health packages, which can be taken up by Czech residents with local medical cover, wishing to upgrade their medical care.

Unicare Medical Center has fewer doctors but a very ‘homey’ atmosphere and good doctors. Before we relocated to Prague and were just here on a visit, Robert, then 2 ½, broke out in a very itchy rash all over his body coupled with a 40 degree Celsius fever. As is the rule of thumb, this happened on a weekend and in the middle of the night. Not knowing what to do, I grabbed a visitors’ guide which I had picked up at the airport and called the 24-hour line of Unicare Medical Center. Within 1 hour, a paediatrician came to our house, gave Robert a full medical exam and an injection which almost immediately stopped the sudden allergic reaction. I had to pay on the spot and it did not come cheaply, so I was grateful that I had full travel insurance at the time. Later, my bill was 100% refunded.

  • Amy on 25 October 2009 @ 09:48 PM

    Thank you for the information. Very useful.

  • Larissa on 26 October 2009 @ 10:55 AM

    When my husband was in hospital after an accident I came down with Laryngitis and needed antibiotics. I had no regular GP here at the time so after reading several positive posts on expats.cz I went along to Poliklinika na Národní and had a consultation with Dr Benes who is the main GP. I found him professional and friendly.

  • Linda on 31 October 2009 @ 10:30 AM

    look at http://www.detskylekar.org as well, they speaks english well…

  • Suzanne on 12 January 2010 @ 01:18 PM

    I can’t recommend the dentist Dr Gala at CMC highly enough. He is the very best dentist I have ever seen and I am a fussy and regular dental patient.  Honest, thorough and a perfectionist.  The equipment is state of the art and I think very well priced.

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