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Halloween Party Round Up

on 01 November 2010 by Darina (1 comment)


What and amazing time we had at our first joint event with expats.cz We hosted over 80 kids and their parents and friends at Mosaic House and we are sorry that we couldn’t host more people. I have to admit it was lots of work to prepare, but for us ladies we were rewarded with so many happy little faces. I think I’ve gained positive energy for at least the next 2 months!

I was nearly sure my costume from the US will not make it on time. After having 2 kids I’ve gained a lot of patience but nearly lost my wit until it magically arrived on Friday - the day before the party. I was thrilled and felt in my bones everything would go well with the party too. Imagine - how many things can go wrong if you throw a party for 80 kids!!!


Even my dearest husband went with the flow and wore the costume I borrowed for him from a costume rental place in Prague 5 www.vsenakarneval.cz he really made me proud because most of the husbands refused to dress up. Why is it so? I wonder…


The program and animation was taken care of by James from Stage Stars www.stagestars.cz and he did a fantastic job. He led the kids through the event with dancing, singing, a witches contest and costume show. It was the first time I have seen him in action. We were very happy that he agreed to MC the show and I would not hesitate to go to his classes with my boys or invite him to a party and leave the program to him. Thank you Steve :-)


Initially what looked like lots of work turned into lots of fun and we have spent two great evenings planning everything plus creating over 80 gift bags, making holes in 5 packs of cranberries for the “autumn necklace” - same goes for the chesnuts (with the screw driver and hammer!). Larissa spent like 6 hours baking and icing cup cakes, Eva from expats.cz did all the important talking to the sponsors and took care of decorating the venue…


Special thank goes to Lanka Cakes, Mosaic House, Baby Agency. Its great to have friends, not only business partners.

We are thrilled that 99% families who registered turned up and may Moms brought candies and some even bought home baked treats which made the event even better.


We do hope to see you on our next event. Stay with us !

You will find more pictures on KidsInPrague Facebook