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Home Delivery in Prague from well-known restaurants

Just for Mums, Useful Information on 01 April 2010 by Darina


I proudly announce that I have discovered a company providing the delivery of meals from a wide choice of restaurants in Prague that don’t normally deliver. So if you fancy Greek or Lebanese? You name it, they deliver. The catalogue is in English and lists dishes from carefully chosen restaurants to provide you with anything that you may crave. You just phone your order and in a maximum of 60 minutes, they will deliver. See below for which restaurants are listed.

The delivery itself is charged extra but is reasonable, begining at 120 CZK for Prague 1 up to the max of 340 CZK to areas afar as Prague Airport. We have ordered from our favourite Indian Restaurant MAYUR close to Lucerna. We go there often and we die for their Chicken Tikka Masala. Because we are so frustrated with this awfully long winter we had no desire to stick out noses out of the door to -7C. So we ordered and it worked just fine :-)


The number to call is: 241 491 865

On my first attempt to call they didn’t pick up and the call ended with a fax tone. I was soooo disappointed. But I tried again in 5 min and it worked. The men taking the order explained to me they have just one phone for the orders and you literary have to try until you can through. I was just unlucky. They do take orders in English but I am a little bit worried abut the codes you have to tell them. Every meau from listed restaurant has a unique code you use when ordering.

If you will not be successful go to
here you can order online. The pages have an English version and will guide you thought just fine. This I haven’t tried so if you have then let us know how it went. Still I think the best way is to order is via their catalogue and have it pinned up at home just like we have. I have noticed that the web pages were not updated and it listed restaurants that no longer delivered.


Oh, you can also order wine form their Wine Shop - handy if the party is continuing and you cannot hop into the car and go for more supplies….It’s also handy when your day is going nuts and your guests are arriving any moment and the dinner is burned :-)

Listed restaurants with full Menus:
Pizza Coloseum - Italian
Mayur - Indian
China Fusion - obviously Chineese
Millhouse Sushi - Sushi
Pravek - Steak restaurant
Subway, Rugantino - Italian
Potrefene HUSA - traditional Czech and International food
Fresh and Tasty - mini catering
Hacienda Mexicana - obviously Mexican
Kogo - outstanding Italian Cuisine
Siam Orchid - Thai food
u Kalicha - typical Czech food
DAHAB - Arabian food

TELEPHONE ORDERS:  241 491 865


DELIVERY FEE: 121 CZK - 340 CZK, Fee for additional Kilometre’s outside of Prague limit is 10CZK per Kilometre