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Kids in Prague

Ice-Skating Na Frantisku, Prague 1

Activities, Sports and Fitness on 16 December 2011 by Karen (4 comments)


Don’t let the winter pass you by without trying outdoor ice-skating. This particular rink is located very close to the banks of the Vltava River and is actually a part of a larger public playground (Verejne Hriste). It’s just a stone’s throw away from Hospital Na Frantisku (Nemocnice Na Frantisku) and has special equipment for hire to help children learn to skate. At the end of the article we also give you a few further ice rink recommendations.


The location is very central and as you skate, you can also observe the lovely buildings all around you. It is quite atmospheric. Each time that I come here, I see lots of parents with young children. I think that this is a really good place for beginners, as the rink is relatively small and user-friendly, plus there are special holding bars for hire called ‘hrazda’. It’s like an iron bar which sits on the ice and both kids and adults can hold onto it as they slide along the ice so that they won’t fall down - perfect for beginners! (see photo below)


One thing which I really like about this place is that there are lovely white benches all around the premises, which are nice to sit on, should you decide to just watch your off-spring without skating yourself. The benches are also handy for when you need to put on or take of your skates (not always so readily availabe at other ice skating locations).

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The rink is open 7-days-a-week but is closed at various intervals during the day for resurfacing purposes, so it’s always worthwhile to check the actual skating times before you come. Skates are available for hire but you can also bring your own. You can also have your skates sharpened and polished on the premises as well. As you enter the grounds, you will see a small row of houses directly on your right. This is where you need to pay your skating fee and hire your skates, if need be. Please note, that each payment is only valid until the end of each skating session time (i.e. one payment will not entitle you to a full day’s skating, but only to the period until the ice has to be resurfaced).

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Here is an article from a while ago which also talks about the outdoor rink in central prague (behind Mustek) as well as Letnany Ice Arena (in czech only).

OPEN: Mon-Thu: 8am-3.45pm & 4pm-5.30pm. Fri: 8am-3.45pm & 4pm-7pm. Sat & Sun: 10am-12pm & 1230pm-3.30pm & 4pm-6.30pm. Saturday only: also 7pm-9pm

ADDRESS: Kozi Praha 1. This is very close to Na Frantisku Hospital (Nemocnice Na Františku). Tel. 602 294 864. e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

DIRECTIONS: By Tram: No:17 to Pravnicka Fakulta (Law Faculty of Prague). Then walk straight ahead along the Vltava, away from the castle for about 5-10 mins max and take the first street right after the Na Frantisku Hospital. Ohterwise, if you arrive from the other direction with Tram no: 8, 14 or 26 getting off at Dlouha Trida, you then need to walk towards the castle for about 5-10 mins with the Vltava River on your right until you reach Kozi Street on your left. By Bus: No 133, getting of at Dlouha Trida. By Car: Limited parking is availabe next to the sports ground. Paid parking is available next to the Vltava River at Revolucni Street.

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.hristenafrantisku.cz (Czech only)

  • Justin Marston on 18 December 2011 @ 09:22 AM

    Hi, just one question.

    Do I, as a parent HAVE to skate if I go out on the ice?

    I would like to help my child learn—but would rather not be on skates myself. Can I go out on the ice in Winter Boots (clean ones :-) )

    Also you mention Stvanice Island…but I believe that you cannot skate there anymore—if you go to their website )http://www.stvanice.cz/) it says: AKTUÁLNĚ !!!

  • Darina on 25 December 2011 @ 08:36 PM

    Ji Justin, thankyou for your comment. I guess you are right… Svatnice has been shut down and I will change the inft in the artcile.
    Back to your question: The common practise in the Czech rep. is they wont let you get on the ice without Ice skates. I am sure they could make an exception and the way I would doit - I would just try and see.

  • Karen on 26 December 2011 @ 01:41 PM

    Hi Justin! Just adding to Darina’s comment. Unfortunately, Stvanice Winter Stadium has been raized to the ground much to the disdain of most of Prague’s ice skating and hockey fans. Even protests from some of the country’s hockey legends like Jaromir Jagr, fell on deaf ears. The bulldozers did a quick job of destroying an old yet historically very precious building and have no (current) intention of putting anything similar in it’s place (a new ice stadium with a museum paying homage to the old one, would have been most appropriate). I kind of left the old article up on “Kids in Prague”, for sentimental reasons. Sorry, if it mislead you or anyone else…Karen

  • Ann Barsi on 14 January 2012 @ 07:12 PM

    Hi all,
    We’ll be visiting Prague 25-29 Mar 2012 with my 5 year old granddaughter who loves to skate.  Will the rink still be open in March, or will Spring have arrived in Prague? 
    I also looked at the Salt Cave info, which sounds like fun. 
    Do you have any ‘must do’ suggestions for our 4 days in Prague?
    We’re staying right off Old Town Square, Prague 1.

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