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ICOON Slimming Machine at Miracle Salon, Prague 5

Just for Mums on 28 October 2012 by Darina (10 comments)


It’s a jungle out there when it comes to cosmetics, slimming, anti-ageing treatments. Every woman has a weakness for something and I have an obsession with cosmetics and cosmetic treatments. If there was a cream for ears… I would certainly buy it! At the airport I spend most of my time at the Duty Free shops until the last call. Imagine how it irritates my husband. Recently I’ve tried a new method for sliming down and I want to share my experience with you. There are many offers on the market for slimming down, but what actually works? Forget about the sales tricks and go on real experiences. Here is mine.

This article isn’t about LPG that is everywhere, but I must start with it. Last year I was tempted to try the LPG Lipomassage slimming machine that made such an impact in the Czech Republic. The first time I tried this was at the Expat Expo. The basic working principle is a vacuum which through deep massage shifts fat and connective tissue. The sub-skin tissue is separated from the muscle and with roll’in technique fat and cellulite are reduced. It stimulates elastine and collagen production.


Is was very pleasant and I decided to try it our regularly. They recommend you have 10 sessions. Hm. One session costs minimum 1000czk for 20 min which covers one desired part of the body. I was interested in ALL body parts never mind one!!! But do the math… the family budget would suffer a lot and I am not that crazy. I eventually bought the minimum - 6 sessions. Every time I went I was looking forward to it very much. You can actually feel the cellulite and resistant fat being tackled. If I hadn’t read up on LPG and its effects I would go just for the pleasure of it.

I must admit I didn’t see that much difference. I know I would have to go more times and do it like 3x a week but I really didn’t feel the need.

image  image

This past year I just could not get rid of my little belly no matter how hard I tried and unfortunately the cellulite started appearing as well :-/ I was strongly considering to go back to LPG and do it properly this time. Just out of the blue I received a phone call from Miracle Salon (that I always thought was out of my financial range) about their new machine called ICOON which had replaced LPG. Apparently it is better and there are only 2 machines in the Czech Republic. They were smart to give me 1 trial session for free…. so I went…. and… spent terrible money for the next 15 sessions…


It felt so good, the information aboutICOON was right and I loved the care at the Salon so I went for it. This time properly. I bought the sessions and please, do not ask me how much it cost… I don’t want to remember. But I can tell you it was close to 20000czk. Yet - after all those years of trying out different procedures for 300czk here, 500czk there that never really worked I decided to take this chance. The Salon was guaranteeing weight loss in problematic areas which helped my decision. I guess if you really want something to work and you dont want to go the way of invasive surgery then - this is a solution. After all - try to Google LIPOMASSAGE. Its such a popular search term all over the world!


Now, I have one last session to go out of 15 so I can tell you if it works or not. 50% of the miracle I believe is drainage. The older you get the more water your tissue withholds. In addition ICOON is supposed to stimulate elastin and collagen production in the skin - that with age decreases. Makes sense. If you do not use some muscles they will not grow and wont be strong. Eventually it effects the fat tissue and by circulating the blood and stimulating the metabolism - it helps fat to go away. Burn.


Here is what the flier about Icoon say: “ICOON, with its integrated Roboderm technology, stimulates every milimetre of your skin. Thanks to its exclusive patented system, Icoon is the only technology able to apply multi-micro alveolar stimulation to the tissue - 1180 multi-micro stimulations per dm2. It brings extraordinary results both for the body and face.

Icoon is being used in medical treatments as well especially after operations.


Now what I see on me: I definitely lost centimetres in my waist. I’ve lost the paunch around my waistline. The skin on my belly is tighter and my belly is flatter. I don’t care how they did it. But it happened!!! People are actually noticing. I have been always very active, doing sports but now that I am 25 already for the past 10 years its harder and harder to keep the figure. I am trying to grow older with dignity, but a little help here and there doesn’t hurt :-)


The Salon is very professional and hosts some celebrities. They speak English and do many more procedures to help women and men feel better. This isn’t a PR article and I am not payed for it or anything. I just thought I will share with you a good place for Mums in Prague that promises miracles! They do ICOON on the face as well, lifting up tired skin, stimulating it to produce collagen and to help you get rid of fat tissue. I am already in - I just have to write a wish list to Santa. ‘My’ Santa will get a discount if he buys the whole 15x procedures :-) and the body costume needed that normally costs 1000czk. Bargain!!!  :-D

Tomorrow they will take pictures of me and compare it with the pictures they have taken at the beginning of all this. I am not so brave to share them :-) but I will definitely let you know in the comment section my thoughts :-) I found this freely on Internet - Lipomassage results. So you can compare :-)


ADDRESS: Salon Miracle, Janáčkovo nábřezi 7/86, Prague 5

CONTACT: 257 315 315, 724 363 738

OPEN: Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 20:00, Saturday: 9:00 – 17:00

Web in English: http://www.miracleclinic.cz/?lang=en

ICOON: http://www.miracleclinic.cz/icoone-celulitida/?lang=en

  • David Bouck on 05 November 2012 @ 01:04 PM

    And…..this has to do with KIDS….....how??

  • Larissa on 06 November 2012 @ 10:27 AM

    David, it’s under ‘just for mums’ category - just something that may help those who may feel a bit battered post baby… or crave the indulgence.

  • Darina on 12 November 2012 @ 01:29 PM

    Hello David, you have surprised me here :-) aren’t Mothers women? I am not sure where your other comment disapeared - maybe you deleted it? DOn’t WE - as mother’s give away a good part of our body shape to pregnancies? Sure - any woman can go for this, but I bet you - more women with with Kids will be interested in this then women without Kids. After all. This is my web and I can write about what ever I decide to. :-) whatever I think will be interesting to parents. I can assure you I got such a great feedback from mothers in Prague about this article and one already joined it.I didnt even dream off such feedback :-). KidsInPrague isnt just for Kids. If we had a Man in our team -we could cover some stuff that is interesting for Fathers too. But we dont. I relocated several times before and it was hard for me as a mother to find local Saloons that would provide me with services I was used to in Prague. Therefor I think mothers do appreciate any kind of information how to make their life easier in foreign country especially with such a crazy language like Czech.
    Have a great day

  • David Bouck on 12 November 2012 @ 02:45 PM

    Hi Darina,

    Thank you for the note. 

    Once again - the website is fantastic and thank you for creating and providing the site - which we always go to when looking for things to do.  You guys have done a great job.
    Regarding this specific article - while I think it was very well written and informative - I generally still do not think it is approprate for the Kids in Prague website. 

    Yes I agree expat mothers which are looking for treatments will read and appreciate this.  That is not really the point. 

    Many other expat places and expat publications exist so that that this kind of general “expat living” information can be found….like the Prague Post, Expats.cz, International Womans club…etc.  These clubs/publications really exist to provide expats sources of information about general living - eating, relaxing, working, entertainment, etc.  And when they publish it - they usually provide choices - meaning well rounded listings and comparison and reviews of several places (in this case treatment centers)...instead of just talking about one specific place (your article really feels a bit like a big advertisement for the one place). 

    It was my understanding that the niche and mission of Kids in Prague is to provide information about kids and family related events and things to do.  If you start talking about unrelated things…then you lose the message a bit.  What is next?  Why not an article about who in Prague has the best cuban cigars?  This would be good and would be interesting to some fathers reading it - but not really relevant to the message.    How about the best place to buy music CD’s, or best places for car rentals, or the best place for expat groceries.  All of this stuff is very useful….but save it for the Prague Post.  This is all just my opinion….and all in good fun…so dont take me too seriously!  David

  • Darina on 12 November 2012 @ 03:24 PM

    Hello David :-) lets agree we disagree :-)

    Why not to publish something that is quite interesting to mothers living in Prague. I actually think it might be a bit refreshing to post once in half a year article just for Moms. Maybe we disagree because Man do not find such information so relevant as Women do - Mother’s do.
    Speaking for my own experience - me - Mother still keeping some of the extra unwanted weight (or have :-) - I was thrilled and wanted to share with other mothers. CD’s, Cuban cigars (yet again - this could be of and Interest to many Fathers es for example to my Husband - thats an idea), Car rentals… do not match with maternity in any shape or form. Yet again - loosing weight is a subject of 90% mothers. Therefor it is related to maternity.

    Nevermind. Thank you for your kind words about KIP and your point of view. It is always interesting to exchange any different ideas and hear what Man think :-) Trust me, it wasnt easy to publish this article especially my pictures of me in strange Pyjama’s :-D but as I say - Mother;s enjoyed it and the article had great stats.

    Mainly we will be focused on Kids. Of course. But time to time allow us to publish something different - what we think might be to an interest of our readers :-)

  • Larissa on 12 November 2012 @ 09:26 PM

    Darina, fingers crossed that David doesn’t find your Tattoo article from a few years back.

  • Darina on 12 November 2012 @ 09:42 PM

    Ups, now that one has completely nothing to do with Kids or maternity. I wouldnt get away with that one, :-DD

  • David Bouck on 12 November 2012 @ 11:15 PM

    Don’t get me wrong….I enjoyed the article on the slimming machine!  I am now even looking into getting one for my apartment.  Beats having a treadmill.  So not just for Mums! 

    By the way I think I remember the Tattoo article.  But I was more shy back then.

  • David Bouck on 12 November 2012 @ 11:28 PM

    As a final note….I just want to share a link to a fitness video which I found inspirational. 


  • Darina on 13 November 2012 @ 02:02 PM

    :-D DD
    Jane Fonda wouldn’t stand a chance :-D

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