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Indoor Mini-Golf for Kids, Prague 5

Activities, Sports and Fitness on 23 June 2011 by Darina


Perfect for rainy days. This one is situated right in Galerie Nove Butovice Shopping Mall and you can pop in for short game before or after your shopping. If you do this every Saturday - your kids can hop inside the bouncy castle for free. They do have kids clubs there and what’s most important - everybody there is chilled out and relaxed.


We usually go In-line Skating and Cycling with kids to the In-line track behind Galerie Nove Butovice Shopping Mall. It’s just perfect with the playground right within. We have written about this track some time ago here.

Yet once it started raining and we had to rush inside the mall. We had been passing this mini golf several times and this was the perfect time to try it out. It is situated in one of the shop spaces between Jysk and Kara shops.


The price is set for 1.5 hours and I believe this is plenty of time to have a good game. I have been there alone with my 2 kids who have never played and I was pretty much done in 20 minutes. Thank God Marcus picked it up really fast and could play by himself. Well, PLAY…  :-)


Most importantly they had fun and could run around. Nikki, 4 was done in pretty much 15 min and went to play with some other boy. So I had some time to play with Marcus (5). I am not sure how much sense it is to go there with younger kids, unless you and your partner want to play. Even Mini-Golf is a sport and needs a bit of concentration.


When you enter you will be given a little pot with 2 balls, a pen and a table for writing down the score. For the ones, who do not know the rules of Mini golf, here they are at the bottom of this entry. It isn’t necessary to complete all the tracks in a sequence. If the track you need to go on is taken, simply shift to any free one and come back to this one at a later time. If you will go there, you will soon discover that your kids will jump from one to another anyhow. If your kids are older - create a family tournament!


No food here, just a fridge with drinks at the reception. I guess it’s enough. It is very much suitable for Kids Birthday Parties as well. Based on the nature of the event the management are able to create a program and of course provide entertainment and cater for banquets, cocktail receptions and parties on demand.

When you’ve finished or if you need a place for a smaller kid Indoor Playground with Babysitting - there is a great kid’s playground on the first floor. You can read about it here, which is naturally found in our INDOOR PLAYGROUND section - of course :-)


General Rules of Minigolf

  Mini golf consists of playing a ball from the tee into the hole by a stroke.
  Players start on the first hole and progress in order.
  The winner is the player with the lowest aggregate stroke play total.
  Each stroke counts as a point. If the ball has not been holed after six strokes, another point is added. The highest possible score at any hole is 7.
  If the ball doesn´t go across the red line, then the player must play from the tee again.
  If the ball goes across the red line, then the player plays from the point which the ball stopped.
  The playing areas, which are without the red line, the player must always start to play from the tee in every stroke.
  If a ball comes to rest outside the playing area (out of bounds) before the red line, then the player should retake their shot. No additional penalty is incurred.
  If a ball comes to rest outside the playing area (out of bounds) after the red line, then the player keeps on playing from the nearest black line at 90 degrees which the ball left the playing area.
  If a ball comes to rest alongside or near to the perimeter boundary of a run, or to an obstacle, it can be repositioned (only by hand) up to the nearest black line at 90 degrees.
  A ball is deemed to have been holed when it comes to rest in the cup. If a ball enters the cup and then rebounds out again, it is deemed not to have been successfully holed.

OPEN: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm

ADDRESS: Galerie Butovice Shopping Mall, Radlická 117, Prague 5 - Nove Butovice


DIRECTIONS: By Metro: It’s a 4 min walk from metro station Nove Butovice on the yellow B line. You will see the Hypernova sign down the hill after exit the metro. Alternatively, there are Buses FREE OF CHARGE that depart from the metro station and drop you right at Galerie Butovice Shopping Mall, these buses run every day. By Bus: Take bus numbers 130, 142, 149, 164, 179, 184, 211, 219, 225 a 256. to metro station Nove Butovice. By Car: It is in the direction out of Prague towards Plzen. Find Jeremiasova street that runs around Nove Butovice and Stodulky, this is where you will find the mall. Or, approach from Radlicka street.