Kids in Prague

Indoor Playground at Letnany Shopping Mall, Prague 9

Indoor Playgrounds on 26 January 2009 by Karen


This Indoor Playground is very spacious and bright, air conditioned and with the added benefit of natural daylight. Unlike some other Shopping Mall Indoor Playgrounds, Letnanek (its name), has ample space for bringing in your shopping trolley, baby pram or buggy.

The entry is set up to look like a train station. There are 2 large park benches on your left and lockers which look like train carriages on your right. The entire playground is based on the theme of public transportation. Once you have registered your child at the reception, you will receive a locker key for storage and your child will be given a sticker with their name written on it. The staff will ask for your mobile phone number, so that you can always be contacted.


The play area is open-plan and allows kids to choose and pursue a number of different activities. In the playing zone, there is a huge orange cement mixing truck called Julie (yes, it even has a name) from which kiddies can slide directly into a large ball pool.

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The aeroplane has a large deck which is great for playing hide-and-seek. The bus called Camil, on the other hand, is intended for those who want to rest. It allows little ones to unwind, sit down and watch cartoons on a canvass screen as if they were at a cinema.


There is also a large table for drawing, colouring and craft. Additional activities divided into the categories of music, movement, art and competions are organised for the children on a daily basis (generally timed at around 3pm). These have included: singing, dancing, hunting for treasure, playing twister and puzzle building as well as kid discos, marionette performances and mini carnevals. A full monthly schedule of activities can be downloaded direclty from: Kids between the ages of 3-12 years can be left unattended. Younger ones can come and stay at any time if under the supervision of their parents or carers at all times. Faciilities for changing nappies and nursing are also available.

0-1 Hour :  29 CZK
1 - onwards:  34 CZK


OPEN: Mon-Sun: 10am-9pm

ADDRESS: Shopping Centre (Obchodní Centrum) Letňany, Veselská 663, Prague 9; Tel: 603 294 745 (to the indoor playground); Tel: +420 284 051 111 (to the Shopping Centre).


DIRECTIONS: By Metro: Red Line C getting off at Letnany and then boarding the free Shopping Centre Letnany bus) which leaves every 5 minutes and takes 5 minutes to reach the Shopping Centre: back entrance via KIKA furniture store.
Bus Option # 1: Public transport to Tupolevova or Frycovicka bus stops:
•from the metro station Ládví: 186
•from the metro station Nádraží Holešovice: 210
•from the metro station Palmovka: 140
•from the metro stations Vysočanská and Skalka: 195
•from the metro station Letnany :233
Bus Option #2: Using the free of charge TESCO line busses which operate through Čakovice, Kbely, Bohnice, Kobylisy, Ďáblice and Prosek suburbs. These busses start running at about 8am and finish areound 9pm – individual times are best checked online:
By Car: Direction Tepilce, D8, 8km from city centre. Located in northern Prague. Over 3 200 free car parking spaces available.