Kids in Prague

Kampa Park with Playground, Prague 1

Playgrounds on 17 September 2008 by Darina


I have walked past this playground on many occasions, without even noticing that it was there. It is nicely elevated above the ground and is adjacent to the famous Museum Kampa Gallery.  This playground is also quite close to Charles Bridge on the Lesser Town (Mala Strana) side. You need to walk up a few stairs (easy buggy access) to get to the top, and male and female toilets are located directly next to this flight of stairs leading to the actual playground itself.

The playground has modern and new equipment, more suitable for a younger clientele (up to the age of 4). Marcus 2,5 had no problems tackling most of the slides and climbing towers, which was in contrast to the Kinska playground, located nearby.


I found it most relaxing and soothing, being able to glance at the Vltava river on one side of the playground, and then at the lovely grassy park on the other. I could not hear any car or other city noises while up there, and it felt very peaceful and serene.

The playground was looked after by a caretaker, who even offered me a bite of his own sandwich! Part of his job-description must have been to constantly remind the children not to take any sand out of the sandpit.  In the end, all of the mums just sat down around the sandpit themselves (not only to make sure that the sand stayed in the pit, but also to help and save the caretaker’s vocal chords!) It must have all become a bit too much for the poor man, because by the time it was time for us to leave the playground, we found him fast asleep in the shade of a large tree.


Kampa itself, is an artificial island but its beauty is as real as it can be. The grassy park, which surrounds half of the playground, boasts numerous benches as well as large, leafy trees. It is a favourite with students cramming or just chilling out on the grass, promenading dogs, or families with their children just taking a walk. Watching the large wooden water mill churn over the water of the river is a definite must see, and a glance across the Vltava, offers excellent views of both the old and new parts of Prague.

Little ones permitting, the Museum Kampa Gallery, is definitely worth a visit. Located in the unique historical building of Sova’s Mills, the building has been fully reconstructed and has been extended with impressive contemporary architectural spaces showcasing the gallery’s collection of Central European art.


OPEN: April 1st - October 31st: 08:00 - 19:00,  November 1st - March 31st: 08:00 - 17:00

ADDRESS: Kampa park- U Sovových mlýnů 2, Prague 1

DIRECTIONS: The best way is to enjoy a walk over Charles bridge in the direction to the Lesser Town and then walk down the stairs to Kampa. If you have pram, go to the end of Charles bridge, turn right and walk under the bridge towrads Kampa.In case you would like to come from the other side of Prague 5, 6, the best way is to take a tram to Ujezd (6, 9, 22 or 23) and walk down Ricni Street that will take you to the Devil’s Stream. Or, by tram to Mala Strana, tram stop Malostranska walk towards the Charles bridge. Kampa would be on your right.