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KIKA Indoor Playground, Prague 9 & Cestlice

Indoor Playgrounds on 24 February 2011 by Darina


I decided to write about this Indoor Playground because although it is in a big furniture store it is run as a separate venue and you can go there without buying anything. The entrance is free and the climbing frames are efficient enough to spend quality time there. Not to mention the possiblity to host a birthday party for your child and their friends.

We would usually end up in this Indoor Playground when we went shopping to KIKA. But lately the Indoor playground is now the main reason for us to go there. Of course we ended up with a new set of bedding but it could have been much more expensive trip because I liked the big wardrobe there too.


The play area is unattended and you should stay there with your child. You are not allowed drinks and food inside – but I guess this is understandable.

There are 2 KIKA stores in Prague. One is in Prague 9, Letnany attached to the huge shopping mall “Letnany”. The second is in Prague-Pruhonice/Cestlice near the huge AquaPalace Aquapark. There are more KIKAs all around Czech Republic such as Brno, Liberec, Plzen and Olomouc.


The Indoor playground is located on the second floor right next to the restaurant. I am not a big fan of this restaurant when it comes to food. The only thing that is edible for me is the chicken steak with potatoes. They do try to have a decent offer of fresh vegetables in the salad bar but “try”is the right word. I think you would need a Czech dictionary here to order. They have some meals pictured on top of the bar but majority of the meals are listed on a white board or you can see it through the glass bar. If you manage to identify something your eyesight likes – go for it!

Coffee, drinks and caked are ok. You can comfortably enjoy some refreshments or feed your child on high chairs in the restaurant. Clever people from merchandising have KIKA built a kids department right in front of the restaurant. So going there you have to pass by lines of eye catching toys. How typical! Still I cannot get my head around the prices there. Everything seemed too expensive to me and I am no cheapskate. When you travel regularly – the Czech prices back home can often shock you.


I have witnessed a Birthday party at the Indoor playground. Connected to the play room there is a separate room you can hire for kids birthday celebration. You have to go there and personally book it. You dont pay any rent for the Indoor Playground and the Saloon.


It costs: 120 CZK per child whih includes:
Kids Menu (chiken schnitzel, smile fries and salad bowl)
Shared Kids Champagne
Small KIKA gifts

If you wish to have a CAKE you can either bring it or order it for 400 CZK. That is the only food item you can bring. Any other refreshments you have to purchase through the KIKA restaurant.
You can order typical Czech: chlebicky (kind of finger food, slices of bread with different topping - ham, pickles, cheese, egg ) that price they could not tel me :-) I assume one Chlebicek will cost 10-20 CZK max.


OPEN: Everyday 10:00 - 20:00

KIKA Prague 9 - Letnany, Veselská st. 709
KIKA Cestlice - Pruhonice, Prazska 135

KIKA, Prague 9: +420 241 089 211, to book birthday party: +420 241 089 346, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
KIKA Cestlice: +420 241 049 211, to book birthday party: +420 241 049 346, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

TRANSPORTATION:  KIKA Prague 9: FREE of charge Bus marked OCL Letnany form the METRO stop Letnany
or: Bus no. 110, 140, 186, 195 to the closest stop:  Fryčovická
KIKA Cestlice: Bus no. 328, 363, 385 form the red METRO “C” stop:  Opatov to the closest stops: Čestlice, kika or Čestlice Aquapalace (who has ever heard about the Aquapalace Aquapark, it is 50m far from it)

FURTHER INFORMATION: (in Czech only) , or: (in Czech only)