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Koala Café with big Indoor Playground, Prague 10

Indoor Playgrounds, Restaurants and Cafes on 07 June 2011 by Darina (7 comments)


I was not expecting this when I went to visit this newly opened Cafe in Hostivar. It is big. Built in a former factory hall that has enough space to fit in a two floor climbing construction with slides, bikes and scooter track together with a good number of tables to chill out at. I thought this place it just too far for me to go with the boys regularly, but after visiting it – we will be back!

For readers who have been to Beckiland – this is a smaller version of Beckiland. So do not expect just another cafe with a small play area. This is a big playground where you can easily spend half the day.


What I was thrilled about was the parking. You can park straight in front of the building without any problems. As I have already mentioned – I drove form Prague 5 (Motol and Hostivar), the Prague 10 district where Koala Café is located is a big unknown area for me.


I was sure I will get lost when finding it and to my surprise I found it straight away. It wasn’t hard at all. What helped me a lot was to know what the Old Factory Hall looks like from the Internet. Its big and white and when I saw it from a distance I knew I had arrived. You can see it at the end of our article.

More about directions below in the info part. It isn’t in the middle of nowhere as I had expected and the Bus stop is right in front of it.


There are 2 parts: for bigger and smaller kids, which is very handy so you don’t have to worry about little babies being trampled on by bigger kids. Me and my friend got ourselves a table next to the Baby Area because her boy is just 10 moths old. He was happily playing behind a little partition wall, meanwhile we had a coffee.


The climbing frames for the bigger kids nicely surprised me and if you have been to something the Brits call Clown Town or Jungle Town – that’s pretty much it.


Right next to the entrance there is a big space for prams, umbrellas and pretty much anything you want to leave behind. Everybody has to take their shoes off before entering. There is also a warning to leave out any dirty or sharp instruments as well as your own food.


Of course you can bring in your own baby food. The cafe has sufficient offers of snacks and food, this will be brought to your table by a waiter.


What I was told by the owner whom I met there by accident – was the best thing about this place is that the noise gets somehow diminished by the way the Hall has been constructed. So when there are too many kids is it still bearable to sit and have conversation. I can imagine it would be buzzing like a beehive when too many moms and their kids turn up.


There are 2 Birthday Rooms so you can hold your kids party there. I have not experienced a party there but will go back to cover this for you and write a separate article about it. So far – I can just tell you only of this possibility.

Don’t hesitate. If you get up in the morning, not knowing where to go with your kid and the weather is nothing special – this is the place.


OPEN: Monday - CLOSED!!!, Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 to 19:00

ADDRESS: Dolnoměcholupská 209/17, Prague 10 -  Hostivař

DIRECTIONS: By Car: The best clue would be to head for Europark Shopping Centre. That is easily accessible from all sides. It is positioned directly on the highway called Jizni Spojka (South by pass) that bypasses Prague. The mall is also right at the end of Cernokostelecka and Prumyslova streest. Right next door is one of the biggest car bazars, Auto ESA. All you need is to take a right in front of it if coming from the river direction into Kutnohorska street. Keep on going for at least 2 km and then turn right into Dolnomecholupska street where the Koala Cafe is.
By Public Transportation: Take the green Metro line A to the Skalka stop and then Bus No.:111 to the Bus stop; Tovarny Hostivar. The cafe is right at this bus stop.

PRICES: The Prices are set for unlimited stay.
Adults: FREE
Kids up to 1 year: FREE
Kids 1-3 years: 125 CZK
Kids 3-15 years: 250 CZK
Kids 1-3 years: 1000 CZK/10 entries
Kids 3-15 years: 2000 Czk/10 entries
Any Kids after 18:00 - 100 Czk

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.koalacafe.cz/index.html  (only in Czech - for now)

  • Karen on 08 June 2011 @ 11:39 PM

    This looks like a great place for older kids as well. What a great find!!!

  • Martin on 14 June 2011 @ 08:19 PM

    Yes, I visit this Cafe regularly and it’s lovely place to spend your free time. But I wouldn’t personally compare it with Beckiland. This place is really different. It’s place “without” noise, refreshment isn’t based on McDonald’s food and especially I find Beckiland like a circus under the roof.

  • adam on 04 July 2011 @ 04:33 PM

    quote: refreshment isn’t based on McDonald’s food

    well yes but perhaps pizza hut !

    frozen pizza for 120kc and sweets is not what I call food for children. Both Beckiland and Koala fail - just because the mums get a reasonable cup of coffee

  • Karen on 05 July 2011 @ 07:36 AM

    Yes, Beckiland is a ‘circus under the roof’ but what can one expect out of an indoor playground? Unfortunately, when it’s cold, dark and freezing outside, visiting an outdoor play area is simply not an option.

    Also, most of these places for kids serve relatively ‘unhealthy’ food. As parents and carers of children, we need to put up with this fact, and we have to realize that to offer our angels perfect and balanced nutrition at all times is only possible, if we pre-pack everything at home and take it with us whenever we leave home.

  • Jürgen on 31 July 2011 @ 01:09 PM

    We (our little girl with 2.5 years, my wife and me) have been there yesterday. Due to the holidays, weekend and bad weather it was overcrowded - on the other hand, if there’s sunshine why would you want to go to an indoor playground? It was very hard to find a place to sit, but in the end we found a children’s table in the birthday party area where you don’t have a good sight at the playground. You should have a good sight on the other hand since nobody but the parents is taking care.

    So enough negative remarks - our little girl loved the playground and had loads of fun. The playground is huge and has enough opportunities to keep a small and middle aged kid busy for a while. There is enough space to run around and the playground for the smaller ones is softened with mates. The coffee and the cake were very tasty. Maybe it is better to go there on a weekday but the place has definitely my recommendation.

  • Mirko on 26 May 2012 @ 09:57 AM

    I agree with Karen. My ten years old son loves it, the best indoor playground in Prague we have visited so far. About food, I think it is not bad, considering the place is not a restaurant, but indoor playground.

  • Darina Noviková on 10 December 2012 @ 03:31 PM

    You can always buy discounted entry fee 10 %) here: http://www.odmaminky.cz/cz/akce/praha/10-sleva-do-koala-cafe-v-hostivari-572/.
    Other tips for discounted indoor playgrounds here: http://www.odmaminky.cz/cz/zazitky/?ID_kat=13.
    Enjoy! darina

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