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Krouzky na Vltave Outdoor/Indoor Playgrounds and Restaurants, Prague 4

Playgrounds, Indoor Playgrounds, Restaurants and Cafes on 19 September 2011 by Darina (4 comments)



This is one of the latest attractions for families in Prague. Truth is - you can find here some many activities that I do not know where to start. There is a big playground with a huge climbing rope construction for older kids and a small playground for babies, climbing walls, a daily program with all kinds of clubs and activities, an Indoor Playground and Cafe for toddlers, Daily Babysitting, a play area with a restaurant for bigger kids and also must mention an outdoor conservatory for birthday parties.
AND!!! The changing table is also in the Men’s.
For working parents - they do have Wi-Fi coverage even outdoors!


I am a bit confused now, because I thought the Playground belongs to Prague 4 council and the owner of the Restaurant and Club were able to negotiate their business in the middle of it. Now I checked their web and since September 19th there is a fee for entering the playground of 30czk. Well its not much - but still - to my knowledge the playground was built from EU funds by the City of Prague. So in theory they should not charge anything for it…right??? I will ask the owner to clarify this. When we were there it was still free.


Funny how they combined the name. Krouzky na Vltave meaning ‘Circles on Vlatava river’. as ‘Krouzek’ also means club or activity. And they do offer all kinds of Kids Clubs. All of them in Czech though. They also offer daily babysitting between 09:00 and 17:00. This I haven’t tried - you would have to enquire about that. Every evening they offer a professional show and Mini-Disco. Could be fun. Your child can attend craft clubs, sport clubs or other activities for around 85czk per class.If you want to meet some local Moms - this might be a way. There is a Newborns Club too. The list of clubs you can find: HERE


What we did try was the Indoor and Outdoor Playground and the restaurant. We also attended a Birthday Party there - but that will be another article in the future.

To get there it’s quite easy, by car and by public transport too. It is all situated next to the big sporting Hamr Centre and there is the Golf course Hodkovicky very close by. If you keep on driving from the centre towards Podoli by the river, you have to bear right eventually and drive under the bridge. Already there you will see a sign towards the Activity Centre and the Playground. You can also get there from the river side - but there is just a walking path. I am sure the locals can combine walking there and a playground visit.


Parking is a hassle. You can park along the main road or even inside the restaurant driveway - but they have just few parking spots that are usually taken. I had no choice but to go there by car and I managed to park both times I went there. I considered myself lucky.

The historic building with the restaurants used to be the former Waterworks of the Prague Braník district. It has undergone extensive refurbishment and and is being rented out. Inside there are three restaurants and outside - there is a summer terrace with a romantic gazebo. The view from the Terrace restaurant overlooks the Playground - so you can sit there and supervise your kids, if you have the nerves for it.


I have to share me and my husband’s concern. The Playground is really great and the rope climbing frames are great. But when we got there boys ran off and we went to order food. We let them climb up thinking its safe and all good. We didn’t walk all the way down to realise the ropes are suggested for kids 8 years and over. So the boys went all the way to the top. From the terrace we could see Nikki struggling to get to the top part where the tunnels leading to the slides are. Marcus tried to pull his younger brother up but they could not do it. We were already scared then. Eventually some big kid helped Nikki up and he went down the slide.


The next thing we did was to tell Nikki not to climb to the tallest of 3 towers. We allowed him to go to the shortest one but the first time we both climbed up with him. I have to admit my head was spinning and I didn’t feel safe AT ALL. I realised how easy kids could fall down - and the ropes would not stop them. Full of concern I went down on the slide that was just so fast I could hardly breathe. Look, I am kamikaze character. I drive fast, I ski fast and I am crazy enough to take a Tandem Jump. But seriously? This Playground is asking for trouble sooner or later. Like us - many parents will not realise from the ground it looks totally different on the TOP. I just do hope - it will not be serious.


And I really wonder - now that they put a fee on entrance, will they be in a way responsible for any injuries? I guess not. Its all up to parents - you enter at your own risk. So please be careful and make sure your kid is big and strong enough to climb on the rope constructions. If it would be up to me - I would place a supervisor there who would limit the kids going up by their age.

Now to the food. Food was OK. Not outstanding - but there is a good variety of salads, kids meals and meat. It isn’t the cheapest of places. We payed around 800czk for 2 adults meals and 2 kids meals and drinks. Oh yes, we had a soup as well…..  :-)  An adult meal costs around 115 - 145czk, a side dish costs additional 30-35czk (rice, chips, potatoes). It’s very nice surrounding though and the service is friendly. Also very busy. I have been there 2x and they were running around in circles.


Inside - upstairs is a very nice Restaurant-Cafe for Toddlers and Babies. Imagine - they have little hammocks where you can place your baby right next to you at the table. I thought it was brilliant. The play area is close, right in the centre of the tables so you see your baby all times. Perfect :-)


Downstairs there is a restaurant or better to say - a diner with an indoor playground. What I have never seen before were Ponies for the kids to ride on - toy ponies that is, of different sizes. They do sell them there but 2-3 of them are there for trial and kids ride them around the diner. The little girls were thrilled. What is this thing with Chicks and Horses…. :-) To my liking the area is fully covered by Wi-Fi so I pulled out my iPad and hooked up on the net, meanwhile the boys were playing right under the terrace. How convenient :-) you can easily hold a meeting there if needed.


Birthday parties can be held inside or outside depending on the weather. There are different packages. We attended a Birthday Party in the outdoor Gazebo but that will be another story :-)


OPEN: 09:00 - 23:00

ADDRESS: Vršovická vodárna v Braníku Vltavanů 229, Prague 4 - Braník

DIRECTIONS: By Car: Take the main road towards the Playground called Modranska. Easily reached form Podoli and Jizni Spojka - Prague’s Bypass. Keep on driving next to the Tram Tracks out of the centre. You will have the Vltava River on your right. When you get to the lights and freeway underpass you stick to the right on a street called U Kempinku. After the underpass turn to the left and just keep on going. Try to find parking already because this is your street and when the Garden Centre is finished Krouzky na Vltave is right there. If you get confused where to leave the main road look for a hotel called BRANIK across the road. This is your crossing where you need to turn right.
By Tram: Go to tram stop: Nadrazi Branik on Tram No’s: 3, 17, 21 and 52. You have to cross the flyover for trains. Preferably - walk back and go under the bridge and turn left.

CONTACT: Reservations: 244 473 952, 776 007 797, Babysitting 731 475 481

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.krouzkynavltave.cz

  • Alzbeta on 19 September 2011 @ 12:53 PM

    yes, this place is awesome, AND they also do birthday parties - my daughter had hers there in August and they did a great job… took care of everything - cake, refreshments, minidisco , face painting etc. and it’s not terribly expensive etiher…(they have indoor space as well in case of bad weather).  The entire party came to 5000kc and included: hour-long minidisco with a princess, decoration of the gazeebo, lemonade, chicken nuggets and fries for all (12 kids), a huge vegetable plate, a fruit plate (a huge stuffed watermelon full of delicous fruit), a very large and delicious hello kitty cake, plus the parents were free to order anything (coffee water etc.) and we still fit in that amount…and great service by all the staff.  we did bring some pretzels (which they didn’t offer) but they didn’t mind us bringing them at all…

  • Darina on 10 October 2011 @ 11:13 PM

    Great Comment Alzbeta :-) thank you very much, I am sure our readers will appreciate it :-)

  • Dorota Z. on 03 March 2012 @ 05:07 PM

    It is very good place for children from 7 and up or for 2-3 years old. For children from 4 (as my boy) till 6 the rope climbing frames are too dangerous and they are too small to play on it, and the other playground is not so interetsing. Of course - children can have fun everywhere:) and they did, but for the age 4-6 I recommend Gutovka

  • AnnaBo on 06 June 2012 @ 09:25 AM

    Beautiful place. Video is here:


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