Kids in Prague

Kudrnova Playground-Climbing Castle, Prague 5

Playgrounds on 16 February 2009 by Darina


The first time that we ever went to this Castle Playground I was a bit sceptical, thinking that the boys would get bored of it quickly. To my surprise, they actually loved going up and down the wooden castle.
I can even imagine going there there now during winter, because of the type of construction and no possible mud around.


There is nothing else at this playground except for the castle. But it is enough to spend a good time there. The construction is easy to climb even for little ones, and Nicolas, 1.5, could easily go up the stairs. There are two slides and children land on a safe and soft imitation of grass surface.

The playground itself is new, built right in front of a new block of flats called: “U Motolske Hrusky”. To be honest, I don’t see any reason why somebody from Prague 8 should make an effort to go there. But if you find yourself in the Motol Hospital for some reason, or somewhere close to the area, it might be a nice stop-over for kids. If you keep on walking down the hill right from the bottom entrance of Motol Hospital, you will get there. Right in front of it there is a bakery and grocery shop, that is opened every day till 22:00. Such shops are called “vecerka” in Czech - usually Vietnamese run, small shops, opened till late.

It is very easy to park there and I am saying this because I never went there on foot. Right up the hill, some 100 m, there is a another playground with a sand pit and swings, so you could spend some time there as well.

OPEN: Unlimited

ADDRESS: Kudrnova street, U Motolske hrusky, Prague 5

DIRECTIONS: Best by car - plenty of parking space near-by. Closet Bus stop: Kudrnova Bus no: 167, walk down the Kudrnova street towards new block of flats. u Motolske Hrusky. Easily reachable from Plzenska street as well, closest tram stop: Motol, tram no: 9, 10.