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Ladronka Park and Playgrounds, Prague 6

Playgrounds, Sports and Fitness on 10 March 2009 by Darina


Discover this beautiful park in Prague 6 which houses two playgrounds and an In-line skating and cycling track. The Ladronka Grill Bar next to one of the playgrounds will take care of your hunger and thirst. Ladronka is a park that is well taken care of, there are small sporting areas and the wide circuit track is divided between pedestrians and cyclists. It’s high above the city, though is easily reached by tram, right next to a big crossing called Vypich.

What I particularly like about this place is that being on the hill it has clean, fresh air despite it’s close proximity to the city. If you are a fan of in-line skating and bike riding this seems to be one of the best places in Prague to go.Ladronka is also a very good place to meet people, everyone seems so relaxed and happy to talk to anyone.You will find groups of people flying kites, playing Petanque, throwing Frisbees, playing Badminton, enjoying the greenery or flying Kites. Ladronka has volleyball courts, outdoor fitness equipment for adults, as well as the two playgrounds for kids. One is situated right next to the famous Ladronka Grill restaurant, the other one is 350m closer to Tomanova street and the bus stop U Ladronky. The playground next to the restaurant is more suitable for small kids and the second one suits both small and big kids.

Playground 1


I personally prefer the second one. It has more climbing frames, more greenery and a better surface. The first one (next to the restaurant) has only a pebble surface and the boys found it hard to run in it, not to mention if they fell off the swing.

Playground 2


A funny story from Ladronka Park still lingers in my mind and is favourite story to tell stressed mothers, to make them feel better. Having 2 babies so close in age means it takes 40 min to get out of the house. All of you know would know what I am talking about if you have kids. So, on beautiful Sunday Daddy went off to the Airport and having the whole day ahead of us I decided to take the boys to Ladronka Park. I was really proud! I made it to the car in 20 minutes. Feeling good about myself I drove up to the park, found a great parking spot and started unloading. So first the pram, then the first bag, second bag, third bag, Nicolas and Marcus the last. I took Marcus out of his seat, turned around to lock the car, turned back to Marcus, and with a sweet voice my son said “shoes”??? He was standing on the pavement in just his socks. Oh well. I had to pack everything back into the car and we went back home to get the shoes….


The Ladronka Grill Bar offers bowling and an outdoor seating area where the majority of people just chill out, drinking beer and getting a sun tan. Visitors can relax and enjoy the view over Prague, hire roller-skates or play bowls.

Be warned, it was so packed and I desperately needed to warm up my boys lunches. I had to stand in line for 15 min to find out their microwave was too occupied to help me out. I also heard customers shouting at staff for being too slow with the food. I guess this is common when the weather is nice and many people go to Ladronka to spend their day. So I strongly recommend biscuits and beer. This order should be the quickest.

A big attraction for kids is a heliped, where majority of Medi-helicopters land, bringing sick people to the MOTOL hospital right near-bye. At least 3 times we experienced helicopters landing so could take a closer look.


If you arrive unprepared for any sports, you can take advantage of In-line Skate, Bike and Game/Equipment rental such as different kinds of Balls, Volleyball Nets, Badminton Sets, Pentenque, Frisbee and Cricket sets. It is all charged at a per hour rate. With skates you can rent knee and elbow protectors and helmet which are all charged separately. For everything you might be charged a deposit. My experience was that they just took down my ID details. The rental place is in the same building as the restaurant and is open from April till October.

Heres just a brief rundown on prices;
In-line skates 90 CZK 1 hour, 170 CZK 2 hours, 330 CZK 3 hours
Protective gear: 50 CZK 1 hour, 95 CZK 2 hours, 150 CZK 3 hours
Helmet: 50 CZK 1 hour, 95 CZK 2 hours, 150 CZK CZK 3 hours
Bike: 90 CZK 1 hour, 170 CZK 2 hours, 330 CZK CZK 3 hours

OPEN: Unlimited, the Grill Bowling Bar is open every day 10:00 - 22:00

ADDRESS: In between Podbelohorska and Tomanova Streets, Prague 6

DIRECTIONS: Best by car, it’s very easy to park anywhere along the above mentioned streets. Alternatively you can take tram no’s 18, 36 and 8 straight to the edge of park as well as bus no 174 from metro stop Hradcanska - green line A