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Mini Zoo with Playground, Prague 5

Playgrounds, Activities on 15 December 2008 by Darina


Thanks to our readers we were tipped off to cover the Stanice Mladych Prirodovedcu which translates as Station of Young Biologists. This is a small Zoo right in the middle of busy Andel! Here you can take your kids to see animals such as 3 small horses, some parrots, goats, turtles for free and if you pay 20 CZK extra you can visit the greenhouses that contain crocodiles, iguanas, big snakes and other reptiles.


I went here with Marcus in December when the weather was friendly and the sun was out. There were no other visitors there so we had the animals all to ourselves. Marcus first stopped right by the entrance at aviary. I think the small pool inside would normally be filled with water in summer but at this time of the year it was empty. Too bad for the birds, no ice-skating :-). A few metres further we found the ponies and goat pens. The horses were completely ignoring us busy with their food but we could easily pat them. The goats didn’t look that friendly so we kept our distance. There was no-one to ask if we could actually get inside the pens like on a petting farm. I guess not, but you never know.


That was the end of animal. The outdoor pavilions were empty (several outdoor cages) and when we tried to get into the building promising the lizards, it was locked and nobody answered the bell. Through the window we saw a group of kids fiddling with small cages and playing with rabbits, hamsters, mice and other small pets. I guess their parents don’t allow them to have them at home, so this is where they can enjoy them. What a great idea, no hamster on the loose behind your fridge that cannot be moved.

From our readers we know that the Zoo is much better in summer time. Obviously the low temperatures and the weeks leading up to before Christmas wasnt the best time to cover this attraction.


Marcus was thrilled by the wooden playground within the area. i have never seen two playgrounds in such close proximity. The thing is, right above the station and its gardens, there is a very nice playground on Sacre Coeur hill  that we have already covered in summer time. Check it out. So you can combine a picnic in the park, visiting the playground and visiting the zoo with your kids. Sounds like a plan for nice morning to me. Also, if it starts raining, you can hide in the nearby Andel Shopping Mall.


OPEN: Weekdays, closed on weekends. Opening hours were not displayed. Definitely open throughout the daylight hours.

ADDRESS: Drtinova 1, Prague 5 (Smichov)

DIRECTIONS: Easily reached by public transport: take the yellow (B) Metro to station ANDEL or trams 4, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 20 to tram stop ANDEL or ARBESOVO NAMESTI. If driving you will find a huge car park underneath the Novy Smichov Shopping Centre.
First possible entry point: is to take the lift to the first floor of in the Novy Smichov Shopping Centre at Andel. There you will find a connecting bridge over the main road that links you directly to the park.
Second possible entry point: is to get off at tram stop: Arbesovo namesti and take the first vertical street to the main road: Viktora Huga, this will lead you to the gate towards the Playground and the Zoo. There are steep stairs as well as a path for prams. Its right next to the School in Drtinova 1