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Natural Sand lakes with beaches near to Prague

Swimming Activities on 30 July 2013 by Darina


How to best handle the heat wave of the past few days? WATER !!! If you don’t want to compete for space with crowds in Prague’s swimming pools and if you are tired of chlorine then try the Sand Lakes. Here is a list of sand lakes in close proximity to Prague. That way you can avoid hitting someone when spreading your arms to swim or in turn avoid getting hit by other swimmers around you. I have gone to 2 swim centres here in Prague lately and I was happy to have 1sq.m of water to stand in. The natural swimming pools have mostly pure water and give you lots of space. Most of the lakes are operational from May-September.

Sand Lake Sadska (Jezero Sadska)
35 km from Prague, free entry.
This is a flooded sand quarry near Nymburk and gives visitors the chance to bask on a 50m long sandy beach or to relax in the shade of a pine forest which surrounds the lake. There is clean water and the opportunity to play football or volleyball. Don’t be surprised by the Nude-beach. You are in the Czech republic after all :-). The area provides refreshment kiosks, toilets, playground and parking (20 CZK / day).

Sadska Sand Lake

Sand Lake Lhota (Jezero Lhota)
27 km from Prague. We’ve covered this place previously because it seems to be the best of all the Sand Lake beaches. Review: here
This is a natural sand lake 25 ha in size located near Stara Boleslav. Shade is provided by a pine tree forest all around - perfect for families with the smallest kids. Nude beach here as well, of course :-).
Parking is available (80 CZK / day), beach volleyball, refreshment kiosks (many of them with decent food), restrooms, beach equipment stands, playgrounds.
Entry Fee: adults 50 CZK, children/students/disabled 30 CZK

Sand Lake Lhota

Proboštská Lakes (Proboštská Jezera)
22 km from Prague. A complex of 2-3 lakes close to the Lhota lake, located near Brandys nad Labem. It is equipped with bathrooms, snack kiosks, playground, car park and changing rooms. The bay has a small sandy beach with entry fee. Otherwise grass areas all around are for free. There was a plan to make a Czech Riviera out of this place but I guess the investors backed away. If they would proceed it would be fantastic.
Entry Fee: 20 CZK

Proboštská Lakes

Sand Lake Konětopy (Jezero Konětopy)
29 km from Prague. A flooded sand quarry close to Melnik and situated on the edge of a pine forest. Fenced area provides lawn area to rest and a small sandy beach, restrooms, parking, refreshment kiosks and clear water. Parking fee 50 CZK per day.
Entry Fee: 50 CZK, reduced 25 CZK (Kids)

Konětopy lake

Machovo Lake - Doksy (Machovo jezero)
91 km away form Prague (driving mainly on the highway). One of biggest and most popular lakes in the Czech Republic with infrastructure and camps. You will find multiple beaches, water sports, restaurants and accomodation possibilities. 300 ha area - it’s big. The popular beach is called Kluček with camping options 3*. You can enjoy many water sports and attractions, water slides, bouncy castles and playgrounds. Machovo Lake is also popular for concerts and events. If you are looking for an escape from Prague for few days, this is a perfect place.
You will find it between Mlada Boleslav and Ceska Lipa. The main parking lot is in Doksy village.
Entry Fee: 40 CZK, reduced 20 CZK (Kids)

Machovo Lake

Sand Lake Písníky Mělice - Lohenice
86 km from Prague. An extensive natural sand lake close to Pardubice. This is a bit further away form Prague than the other lakes. It offers sandy beaches, water activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, banana rides or floater rides. There is also a snack bar, bathrooms and you can camp within. Entry fee: FREE

Lohenice Lake (not many pics available, just this

Sand Lake Podebrady (Jezero, koupaliste Podebrady)
59 km from Prague (driving mainly on the highway). This very nice sand lake has a new double slide installed this summer. It has 3 restaurants, a 1800 m2 sandy beach, grass area 9000 m2 big with trees, 2 play areas for kids, paddle boats and boats rental and a special beach for families with kids where the play areas are. Sounds really good to me :-). Parking is for free right next to the beach. Open till 21:00.
Entry Fee: Adults 50 CZK, Family ticket 60 CZK

Podebrady Lake