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Okrouhlik Playground & Football Field, Prague 5 Kosire

Playgrounds, Sports and Fitness on 15 April 2009 by Darina (1 comment)


...and a basketball court. This playground is so complex that you can easily spend the whole day here any time of the year. Its one of the biggest playgrounds in Prague - 5000m2 and it’s worth the trip from other Prague districts. In summer my boys find it extremely refreshing due to the mist umbrella shower that not many playgrounds in Prague have. Thanks to this, even the hottest day spent there are fun.

What I mainly love about this playground is that it has such a big variety of trees and bushes that create many safe hiding places, helping develop kid’s imaginations. At the same time they provide enough shade to sit under and much of the equipment is sheltered from the direct sun.


As I said, it has it all: an area for the smallest ones with a huge sand pit, a small slide tower, swings and a carousel. Right next to it is a small Wooden House, one of our favourite attractions. We have done so much ‘cooking’ in it we could feed a whole army of squirrels with all the pine cones and seeds collected and prepared. If you remember to bring a small pot and spoons you’ll be sure that your little one will be occupied for a long time. This house has special atmosphere hidden away under the trees and even my boys who usually pick a fight 30 seconds after they start playing played nicely and calmly with each other.


Under no circumstances let your child go on the big Metal Wave Slide. It dominates the whole playground and looks very attractive. I have no clue what the designer was thinking while making it. The truth is it nearly ejected us all out on the first wave bump and thank God I decided to take the first ride with Marcus, otherwise he would have ended up in the hospital for sure. I had such a struggle keeping us on it. The second time we went there with my husband and I didn’t get a chance to tell him about it before he jumped on. The result: he badly burned his palm trying to hold on to slide while also holding onto the boys to prevent them from falling off. At first It looks like you will have a lots of fun sliding down but for your own sake DON’T! I am thinking of reporting it to the municipal office because someone could get really badly hurt there.


Otherwise, everything else is safe and fun. Behind a wall of trees there is a Zip Line. I was surprised to find out how strong little kids can be holding themselves up on it for the whole ride, on the other hand they have very little weight to carry. I was tempted to get try it myself but didn’t want to look like a overweight swan and scare the kids away. Not to mention ruining my expensive nail tips!


As I have mentioned, what we most appreciate in summer is the shower spraying mist being switched on by motion sensors. In minutes we were soaked, so you might want to bring a towel with you. With this in place you can easily spend a longer time there on a hot summers day without getting fried like a chip.

In the middle of the play area there is a big court surrounded by a high fence for ball games. Usually teenagers would play and little ones would watch. It’s a great place to teach your kids how to score a goal.


The public toilets there are free of charge and on an outside wall of the building is a water tap and sink. How practical. And if heaven forbid, anything does happen Motol hospital is 5 min drive up Plzenska street. There is plenty of parking around and the closest bus stop is just 30m away. Sometimes I think how nice it would be to live right next door to a playground like this, especially with two active boys.


OPEN: April - October 09:00 - 20:00, November - March 09:00 - 18:00

ADDRESS: In between street Podbělohorská, Třístoličná and Pod Lipkami Streets, Prague 5

DIRECTIONS: It is very close to the Plzenska and Klamovka Streets. You can either take Bus number 176 or Trams 4, 9 ,7 or 10 to Klamovka and then walk a steep hill up to Okrouhlik or take Bus number 191 or 217 to bus stop Nad Klamovkou, Walk down the direction you came from and within 30-40 m you arrive at the playground

  • Kyta on 24 April 2009 @ 10:48 PM

    This playground looks like great fun. Will have to try it when we visit!

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