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Outdoor Swimming Pools in Prague

Swimming Activities, Sports and Fitness on 21 June 2010 by Karen


During the summer, the weather in the city of Prague can get extremely hot. On days like this, one of the best things that one can do with kids is to head to an Outdoor Swimming facility (Venkovni Koupaliste). This makes for a wonderful day out and guarantees a cool and fun-time for all.

Almost every part of Prague has its own Outdoor Swimming facility. Many are rather basic with just a simple outdoor pool. This may be good for doing your laps but not much else. Others are much more developed, complete with water slides, wading pools for little kids, playgrounds, grass sections with sun umbrellas for hire, massages, solariums and bars or small restaurants to boot.


Zlute Lazne Outdoor Complex (Lit. Yellow Spa), located in Prague 4, resembles a mini beach village, right on the banks of the river Vltava. There are several playgrounds and knee-deep swimming pool areas for young kids to splash about and play in. Older folk can play badminton, beach volleyball or chill out at one of the outdoor bars which are scattered throughout the grounds.

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Located on the opposite side of the road from Zlute Lazne, is the Podoli Swimming Complex, which boasts 2 large outdoor and 1 indoor pool (heated in the winter) as well as a long water slide, kids’ playground and 2 separate children’s pools. There is a large grass area where one can enjoy a nice family picnic at the pool-side.


In Prague 6, Petynka Outdoor Swimming Park, is another wonderful swimming facility geared towards families. It has a great water slide, a 50m long swimming pool as well as a large wading pool and kids’ play ground.

Here is a list of the main Oudoor Swimming Pools in Prague-

Prague 3: Pražačka (covered and outdoor swimming pool),  Za Žižkovskou vozovnou 17, Prague 3 ( )
Prague 4: Podoli Swimming Complex: Podolská 74, Prague 4 (
Prague 4: Zlute Lazne Outdoor Complex: Podolske nabrezi, Prague 4 (
Prague 6: Petynka Outdoor Swimming Park: Otevřená 1072/4, Praha 6, (
Prague 8: Outdoor Swimming Pool in Kobylisy- (Koupaliste Na Stirce): Pod statky,Kobylisy, Prague 8 (
Prague 9: Hloubetin Swimming Pool (Bazen Hloubetin): Hloubětínská 80, Prague 9;
Prague 10: Swimming Pool Slavia (Bazen Slavia): Vladivostocká 1460/10;Prague 10 (


Happy Swimming!!!