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Pizzeria Gusto with play area, Prague 2

Restaurants and Cafes on 21 May 2008 by Larissa (8 comments)


From memory this restaurant opened in early 2006. The space was newly renovated and featured tiled flooring and wooden tables with a large central bar area. The building inside and out was freshly painted and the large glass windows overlooking the park opposite made it a picturesque choice for lunch or dinner. At the time I was pregnant so David and I could enjoy the lush scenery, busy street scape and the spacious front area of the restaurant facing the street.

In those first few months the menu was excellent, unfortunately the service, menu and the quality of food have slipped over the past few years. The menu is ok, originally it was authentically Italian with some real treats. Now it offers standard fare such as pizza and pasta as well as Czech meals. The Gusto of past offered beautifully presented meals with very fresh ingredients, now it’s… again I’ll use the word ‘ok’.


So what is the appeal of Gusto? It happily accommodates families and all their baggage: strollers, children, babies and even well behaved small dogs. Gusto has a reasonably large family dining area at the back of the restaurant (no pleasant street views unfortunately). On our last visit I counted 5 tables, one table for 6, three tables for 4 and one table for 2 plus around 5 high chairs although I’m sure you can reconfigure the space to fit larger groups, especially if you make a reservation in advance.

Within the family dining room there is a children’s play area with toys, swiveling chair, rocking horses and table and chairs set out with art supplies plus an easel for budding artists. Every time we’ve visited there has always been at least one other family with children and our daughter loves getting out of her high chair to play with them whilst we wait for our meals. As you all know its a luxury being able to dine at a relaxed pace and the set up at Gusto allows you to do so.


Facility wise you will find a sturdy wooden change table in the disabled toilet and as I mentioned above, there are at least 5 high chairs. Be warned that Gusto can prove popular during the traditional lunch hour (12 till 1pm) due to it’s central location. Prices are around 130kc for a main course and daily lunch specials average 80 CZK. There is a selection of children’s meals to choose from and on weekends they receive a free ice cream sundae. You must request this though.


Generally the venue is fresh, modern and clean and I get the feeling that the management are trying, I’m just not convinced they’ve taken the right direction. Despite the cons Gusto is a unique dining opportunity for families residing in Prague 2 and 3. But, if anyone knows of anywhere else please comment or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to try it out.

OPEN: 11am till 11pm (often features live music performances at night)

ADDRESS: Vinohradska 83, Praha 2

DIRECTIONS: Take tram number 11 to Jiriho z Podebrad or tram numbers 16 and 10 to Vinohradska Vodarna then walk down to Vinohradska or take a very short walk from metro strop Jiriho z Podebrad on the green A line.

FURTHER INFORMATION: see http://www.gusto.cz

  • DC on 23 March 2009 @ 12:02 PM

    The last time I went here, a Saturday lunch-time, there was a lady in the kiddie corner who was specifically employed to play with and look after the kids.  Mine was only 9 months old but she took him off my hands for about 20 mins while I was eating dessert, paying the bill etc. Very handy. I don’t think she’s there all the time, just at the busiest times. Sat lunch is busy, btw, all the tables in the family area were reserved.
    I agree with your comments about the food - “OK” is pretty accurate - but it is well set up for kids, so I’m willing to compromise on food from time to time…

  • Larissa on 03 April 2009 @ 08:11 PM

    Interesting thanks, a very handy service for parents and a good investment by the restaurant which is well supported by families. I’ve found Gusto less busy in Spring/Summer over the weekend, otherwise reserving a table on the weekend is advisable.

  • Vladimir on 03 September 2012 @ 11:24 AM

    Nice playground for kids, but the service is doubtful (value for money). Went 3 times there and the service got worse with every visit. We had very good pasta first time (freshly opened) - unfortunately mine was stone cold. Second time it was an average event. Last time the food was under-average and they (pretending to be an italian restaurant) served burnt “second breed” espresso (I am not an expert but this was really awful) that was just the last bitter drop - they won`t see us there again.

  • Larissa on 04 September 2012 @ 02:10 PM

    It is a shame, when it first opened it was good. The ridiculous thing is that it did change hands and the ‘new’ owner (since about 2007/08) is actually Italian - so should know better!

  • Bob on 25 March 2013 @ 10:24 AM

    This restaurant has changed names - and probably owners - since the article was written, so it would probably be worth doing a new review! It’s called Pepenero, we have been several times, and the service and the food are great - but it has become quite pricey (2-300 for a main dish). The main drawback for this place is the smoke - although the kids’ area is somewhat separated, it doesn’t keep the smoke from entering.

  • Larissa on 25 March 2013 @ 01:34 PM

    Hi Bob, I’d heard that things were still disappointing even with the name change/possible new management. My understanding is that the kids corner is still very much as is despite needing a clean and a revamp. Anyway, if food and service have improved (despite the price hike) we should give it another go I guess. :-)

  • Bob on 25 March 2013 @ 01:59 PM

    Larissa, I guess it all depends on priorities. :) The kids’ corner has our child’s stamp of approval. Costa Coffee - which you should put on your list yet, by the way - also has a kids’ corner, and is non-smoking, but our child can’t spend more than 5 minutes there, as there are no real toys. I think a “revamp” is more for the parents - kids don’t really care whether the toys are new or 10 years old. :)

  • Larissa on 26 March 2013 @ 06:52 PM

    Yea, I heard it was a little grotty though - seems a bit unfair to jack up the prices, change the name and not give the koutek a bit of a scrub out - anyway, this is all hearsay until I go there myself so looks like i’m heading to pepenero/gusto soon :-). Have been to Costas recently, yes it’s small and lacking toys but you’re right, it’s non-smoking, warm (important in weather like we have now) and with a kids area in a spot without too many kid/baby cafe options so worth reporting.

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