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Kids in Prague

Playground Lannova St, Prague 1

Playgrounds on 13 August 2008 by Darina (1 comment)


I was very lucky and at the same time unlucky when I managed to find a new playground in Prague 1 right next to the river and 50 m away from our favourite Pizza place with kids play area Rugantino II. Since I am short sighted, I got all excited and strolled towards the playground with my double pram promising the boys a great afternoon.

When I got closer, I realised that there were workers present and then I was told that the playground opens today but not yet….. When….they couldn’t say, so we went back another day with the whole Mothers group :-). The area for small children was completely shut down and there was no way I could make them open it for us. Maybe a miniskirt would work, but I gave up on wearing miniskirts after flashing a few innocent people when loading my 50Kg pram plus the boys onto the tram.


There are few sophisticated playgrounds in Prague 1 simply due to a lack of space, so I am really thrilled about this one. Built to EU standards the park has two areas: one area for big kids, the other for smaller kids. For the smaller ones there is a huge sand pit, climbing house with slide and swings.


The whole area is fenced within the larger playground (which is also fenced) so it’s mega safe. For bigger kids there are a lot of climbing frames and long rope climbing complexes and you can also go and play tennis or basketball since there is a new court available right next to the playground (and it’s free to use!). There was nothing previously in this area so it’s a great addition for parents and kids, even better it’s close to Restaurant Ruggatino II, a kid friendly restaurant with its own kids corner.


It should be easy to find a parking spot in this area if you plan to drive. Just watch out that you don’t park where the blue lines are or you will get towed away.


OPEN: Unlimited

ADDRESS: Lannova street, Prague 1

DIRECTIONS: There isn’t really a direct connection by public transport but it is a short walking distance from various metro stops and trams. The closes Metro station is Náměstí republiky on the Yellow line B, or Florenc on the Red Line C. From there walk in the direction of the river to Petrské square. It is right next to the REGUS office building. You can catch Trams: 3, 8 24 and 26 to tram stop Bílá Labuť, Tram 5, 14 or 8 to tram stop Dlouha Trida or Tram 3 or 26 to Tesnov. It is right opposite the famous Boathotel Albatros, that sits on the river.