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Pod Kaplickou Playground with pool, Prague 3

Playgrounds, Swimming Activities on 18 June 2008 by Larissa


I’ve heard good things about this playground so finally ventured out here on a hot summers day. This playground is a real find, where else can you’re kids swim for free and so close to the centre? Ok, well paddle is a more accurate description. Anyway, for any 2 year old or even 6 year old it is a delightful attraction on a hot, sunny day. The pool is accessed by two or three slip-proof stairs and the water is about 20 or 30cm deep, enough depth for kids to play, splash and sit in.


There are huge established trees that shelter part of the pool from the harsh sun as well as parts of the playground. The area is large, totally fenced in and is perfect for picnics, throwing around a ball or sunbathing. There are benches spread all over for parents to lounge on and three different areas containing swings, slides, sand pits (including sand toys) etc. The park’s lovely stone wall is shared with the old Jewish cemetary on the other side and the street side showcases lovely old villas giving the park a quiet, rural feel despite it’s city location.


A plus/negative is a really officious older lady (and sometimes gentleman) who carefully monitors the playground and enforces the rules and regulations. On a previous visit my friends had learnt that adults must absolutely never step foot in the pool - I guess adults have dirtier feet? This time my friend and I learnt that we must not open the entry gate inwards but outwards towards the street. Also, the old lady gently told off a group of toddlers for watering the lawn with their watering cans, they can collect the water and carry it to the sand pit but they must not pour it on the grass! Ok, ridiculous yes, but the park is spotless (including a well maintained toilet), there were no bored teenagers drinking in a corner, freaks or chain smoking mammas: just a whole lot of blissful kids relishing the elements (sun, water, breeze) and laid back families relaxing.


Of note is a new hotel that has been built two doors down. They have an outdoor terrace with garden and advertised a lunch menu Monday to Fridays from 90 to 125kc so we’ll probably check this out soon. They also displayed a tempting ice cream board which our kids excitedly observed.


Children will never be bored here, there is so much to do and the pool makes this an absolute standout in Prague’s extensive and impressive network of playgrounds.

OPEN: 10am till 6pm

ADDRESS: Pod Kaplickou ul, Praha 3

DIRECTIONS: Catch metro A to Zelivskeho. Or trams 10, 11, 16, 19 and 26 or bus 124, 134, 135, 139 to Zelivskeho. From the busy intersection turn into Izraelska ul, you will have the cemetary on your right and the new Radio Free Europe building on your left, take the first turn to your left, walk about half way up this quiet street and you will see the playground on your left. Parking is no problem, this area does not seem to require parking permits.