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Sacre Coeur Playground, Prague 5

Playgrounds on 07 August 2008 by Darina (8 comments)


This is a perfect playground when you want to combine shopping and still take your baby out. It finds its self right next to big Shopping mall: Novy Smichov on Andel - big transportation knot. It took me half a year to discover it, although I had heard about it many times from other Prague 5 residents. Its very well hidden and on the first look you wouldn’t even think that there might be a beautiful hidden playground.

It is one of my favourite ones, not only because I found 1000 CZK on the pavement there half a year ago :-)Since my husband is very creative and has 4 children in total counting our 2 boys, this was was a perfect place to take all 4 of them, aged 13,11, 2 and 1. Not only has it an area for bigger kids, but also for toddlers. The bigger ones were hanging on all kinds of nets and wooden constructions, as well as skateboarding on metal ramps. The babies were swinging and sliding in the fenced area for smaller kids. It is surrounded by buildings and fences, so there is no way any of them would end up under a truck or tram.


The park is covered in beautiful high trees that provide plenty of shade. There is a great view on the whole Prague too and dogs are not allowed in the park so you don’t have to worry about the kids walking in poop. So all in all it’s perfect for picnics.

There is a long metal toboggan in the hill, that kids just love. Make sure, you put on some comfortable shoes. Last time I went there with the boys, I got motivated by Sex in the City and strolled to the park in high heals. The other mums must have had a lot of fun observing me running up and down the hill, securing my sons safe journey from the slide back up the hill. The stairs - if you can call them stairs - are muddy and steep and I had problems carrying myself, not to mention carrying Marcus all the way up as well. The positive is, you don’t need any other exercise for the rest of the week. 10 times up and down will keep you fit.


When the kids get hungry or too hot, we take advantage of Novy Smichov Shopping Centre which is full of restaurants and shops.

Closest International hotels: Moevepick, Ibis, Angelo, Andels


OPEN: unlimited

ADDRESS: Holečkova street, Prague 5 - Smichov

DIRECTIONS: Easily reached by public transport: take the yellow (B) Metro to station ANDEL or trams 4, 7, 9, 10 and 12 to tram stop ANDEL. If driving you will find a huge car park underneath the Novy Smichov Shopping Centre.

The best way to get there is to take the lift to the first floor of in the Novy Smichov Shopping Centre at Andel. There you will find a connecting bridge over the main road that links you directly to the park.
Closest playground: Destky Ostrov playground

  • Andrea on 01 September 2008 @ 11:46 AM

    Maybe it is good to say that just verey close to this playground is the station with animals called Stanice mladých přírodovědců, the entrance is free, it is possible to see 3 small horses, some parrots, goats, turtles and if you pay 20 Kč entrance extra you can visit the greenhouses with crocodiles, iguanas, big snakes and so on. It is opened every day except weekend. There is a small playground in the middle too. My son Mark (2 years) love it.

  • Larissa on 02 September 2008 @ 02:12 PM

    Thanks Andrea, we will go check this out!

  • Neil on 04 December 2008 @ 09:31 AM

    thanks for the informative site and info, will go and have a look. Can you get to it off tram stop Svandovo Divadlo, save having to go into Andel? I need to come via Tram 20, so it would be good.
    And the other place Andrea mentioned, Stanice mladých přírodovědců, where exactly is it?

    Neil and Nikolas.

  • Darina on 04 December 2008 @ 11:14 PM

    Hello Neil and Nikolas,

    I don’t see a point getting off at Svandovo Divadlo. Tram No.20 goes all the way to Andel (to the tram stop just around the corner from the main entry to the shopping mall) and I believe its the fastest and easiest way to get to the playground. If you get off at Svandovo Divadlo you will have to walk towards Andel anyway and it would take you 10-15 min for sure. I have seen people coming to the playground from the direction of Drtinova street, parallel to Stefanikova where Svandovo Divadlo tram stop is, but again, you would have to walk all the way towards Andel. I have never tried that path and it seems to me there are stairs - absolutely useless for people with prams - in my case - double pram. Again, I truly believe the fastest way is through the Mall on Andel - Novy Smichov. i can check it out next time we go there.

    Stanice mladych prirodovedcu (Young Nature Lovers Station) I didn’t have a chance to visit yet. From what I know it is a complex of indoor and outdoor pavilions with different animals. Ponies, birds, lizards, snakes, caymans as well as plants - as Andrea mentioned. Definitely very Interesting for kids - like a small ZOO. It is very hard to find anything about it on Internet and the only official address I found is. Drtinova 1 (that would be right down the hill of the playground towards Drtinova and Stefanikova street) It made me very curious since I live so close and I decided to find out tomorrow. I will be going to Andel with my boys anyhow. There is a Christmas market with Pony Rides and Small train rides. I will keep you up-dated as well as our readers.

  • Neil on 06 December 2008 @ 07:40 AM

    Hi Darina,
    yeah you are right, Andel is the quickest. I did not know there was a park that close to the centre, I was thinking of the Kinskych park.
    And if you do find out where Stanice mladych prirodovedcu is please let me know? It sounds great..

  • Darina on 06 December 2008 @ 06:18 PM

    Hi Neil,

    Correction. I went there to check it out and you can entry the playground from the top through Holeckova and Kobrova street. For that you could get off at Svandovo Divadlo Tram stop, but you would have to walk up the steep hill good 350 m. I went by car and would have no desire to walk it. Another entrance to the Playground is through Drtinova street as well as to the Stanice Mladych priodovedcu: YES IT IS THERE :-) if you get off the tram no.: 20 stop at Arbesovo namesti (next stop after Svandovo Divadlo) the first street Viktora Huga will lead you to the gate towards the Playground and the Station. There are steep stairs as well as a path for prams. Its right next to the School at Drtinova 1. The Station is right under the Playground and you can see its gardens from it. I will write entry on it asap, if you want to send us your email I can send you some pictures of it. The inside pavilions were closed so we saw only the Ponies and Goats and some birds. There is a nice wooden playground within the Station grounds. We have many other playgrounds close to the centre on our web, check them out. Strongly recommend the one on Destky Island http://www.kidsinprague.com/post/dtsk-ostrov-playground-prague-5/  or on Zofinsky Island (that one we still didnt publish about, its in the line. You can combine it with the Zofin Garden Restaurant with play area. http://www.kidsinprague.com/post/zofin-garden-at-slovansky-island-prague-1/

  • Andrea on 08 December 2008 @ 01:50 PM

    I am glad you are interested in the Stanice přírodovědců, the greenhouses are opened only in the afternoon till 4.00 pm. If you are interested in other small Zoos I can recommend you the Zoo in Zbraslav, it is very small but nice, next to the river very close to Zbraslavské náměstí. There is a small playground next to it.

  • Darina on 08 December 2008 @ 02:06 PM

    Really? That is great :-) will go and check it out soon. Thank You for all the tips Andrea, very helpful to us and our readers :-)

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