Kids in Prague

Sestka Shopping Centre Indoor Playground, Prague 6

Indoor Playgrounds on 27 October 2008 by Darina


I was pleasantly surprised to find the Pohadka Indoor Playground (pohadka = fairy tale) at Sestka Shopping mall fully up and running, carefully designed with a friendly atmosphere. This play area might take some effort to find but when you discover a long, green Matrix like corridor (close to the Gourmet floor) then you’re heading the right way. Alternatively, you can take the elevator to the Mezzanine level where the Indoor playground is situated.

They baby-sit kids from 3 years of age but younger children are welcomed when attended to by a parent. There are little lockers for personal belongings and you can park your pram in the corridor safely. First you have to register your child and leave them your phone number. You are expected to be within reach of the play area, preferably only in the Shopping Mall.


I haven’t experienced the playground as crowded and I have never been refused entry based on full capacity. The play area isn’t very big, but accommodates a big ball pool with slide, a small activity table with crayons and boxes with toys. Compared to some other indoor playgrounds, the pool has too many balls and even Marcus, who is quite tall for his age was having troubles moving in it, never mind Nicolas who started screaming when he realised he was stuck. Without my assistance boys couldn’t get out.


The walls are decorated with fairy tale creatures and the Devil one was helping me spook Nicolas every time he tried to make a scene and really calmed him down. According to Czech tradition, on 5th of December there is St Nicolas (Mikulas), Angel and Devil visiting the children to give them presents for good behavior otherwise for bad behavior they get a little smack from the Devils broom. Last year I hosted a Mikulasska party and since then Marcus gets very serious when I scare him with the devil. It might sound a bit harsh to non-Czechs, but such is tradition and when I was a little girl, not only did I get smacked in front of other kids, but instead of a present I got coal in a sack. I hated my parents that day…

What I thought was a great idea, were wooden figures of fairy tale creatures that were child size for a ludo game that you can play right on the carpet. I am not sure they still do it, because the staff complained that the figures were constantly broken by kids. There are plenty of toys and the boys loved the car garages with several floors and…. the prams for dolls!


The play area organises different activities and shows which you can find out in advance on Unfortunately, it is only in Czech.

The Nannys were friendly and interacting with the kids. If thirsty, kids will be given spring water. In case your child needs a change of clothes and you don’t have any, you can borrow clothes from the playground for a deposit of 200 CZK. The deposit will be given back to you if you return them within 10 days.

0–120 min: 3€/90 CZK
121–135 min: 4€/120 CZK
136–150 min: 5€/150 CZK
151–180 min: 6€/180 CZK

OPEN: Mo - Sun: 10:00 - 21:00

ADDRESS: Sestka Shopping Centre,  Fajtlova street 1090/1, Prague 6 - Ruzyne

DIRECTIONS: Closest METRO station is Dejvicka, Green line A.
There are special buses with a Sestka shopping mall logo (red dice) that leave every 30 mins. The first Bus goes at 8:15, the last bus at 20:45. The same goes for buses leaving the Mall. The first bus leaves at 8:45, the last one at 21:15. The Bus stops at Horomericka and Divoka Sarka bus stops and take you straight to the entrance of the Mall.
By BUS: you can take a regular bus from Dejvicka no’s 100 and 119 or from Repy bus no’s 179, 225 to bus stop K Letisti.
By CAR: head out of Prague towards the Airport.
From Kladno: Take BUS no’s A22, A23, A24 or A56 go to bus stop: K Letisti: