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Kids in Prague

Shows for kids at Prague Fringe Festival 2014, Prague 1

Events on 13 May 2014 by Larissa


Prague Fringe (May 23 to May 31) is a series of 1 hour performances in the form of dramatic plays, concerts, comedies, puppetry and dance staged all over Mala Strana. Home to Prague Fringe is Malostranska Beseda right on Malostranske namesti - here you can get a copy of the Fringe program or attend Fringe Sunday for free (May 25 at 14:45 - 16:15) and see a 1 minute performance from each act. Here is a run-down on performances suited for children ages 5 and up plus a larger collection for those 12+. Or alternatively, book a sitter and enjoy some of the great adult performances too.


From Scraps
at Divadlo na Prádle – Kavárna (Cafe area)
28.05 – 31.05 17:15-18:15
Children’s Theatre, Puppet Theatre in English, text based but visual
suitable for ages 5 and up
Join intrepid duo Jack and Maurice as they embark on an adventure from the battered clutches of a dusty suitcase, taking you on a journey to unexpected places. A show created for children to enjoy just as much as ‘grown-ups’, From Scraps is a theatrical experience to cherish, with plenty of interaction, music and storytelling. Come, pick up our puppets, step into our world and make it yours.
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/from-scraps/


at A Studio Rubín
27.05 23:00-24:00
28.05 – 31.05 18:30-19:30
Physical Theatre, Comedy in English, text based but visual
suitable for ages 5 and up
This is the great story that inspired man’s fascination with telling tales. The heroic leader of the Geats comes to the aid of the King of the Danes in this epic adventure. A charmingly playful show that strides, swims and marches through the legend of Beowulf. Autojeu Theatre goes Scandinavian!
‘A wealth of theatrical and musical talent coupled with a sense of playfulness on the stage makes this performance immensely entertaining, ****’ (Fringe Review).
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/beowulf/



Jamie Macdowell and Tom Thum
at Malostranská beseda
23.05 – 25.05 21:00-22:00
26.05 – 27.05 19:30-20:30
28.05 18:00-19:00
29.05 – 31.05 22:30-23:30
Music, Beat Boxing in English
Suitable for all ages
One is good with his fingers; the other is good with his mouth! Jamie’s heartfelt and award-winning songwriting is elevated when combined with Tom’s heavy-hitting, world-class beatboxing. Playing off each other’s talents, Jamie and Tom are the perfect musical match; their show is made even stronger by their irresistible charm and wit.
‘See them now, because soon you won’t be able to get a ticket for love nor money’ (Broadway Baby).
‘We were astounded by what we were hearing and seeing’ (Lovemusiclovelife.com).
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/jamie-macdowell-and-tom-thum/


Victorian Values
at Divadlo na Prádle
27.05 – 29.05 18:00-19:00
30.05 & 31.05 19:30-20:30
Theatre in English, text based but visual
Suitable for ages 12+
A Music Hall journey through the darker side of Victorian life. For some Victorian Values represented the rewards of hard work and industry, for others exploitation, child labour and the daily struggle to survive. For everyone the Music Hall provided the light relief and satirical edge that made life bearable. Using contemporary records and songs, and in a show that pays tribute to the Music Hall, journey through the darker side of Victorian life – child labour, prostitution, the workhouse – and experience the other side of Victorian Values!
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/victorian-values/


The Murder of Gonzago
at Divadlo na Prádle
27.05 – 29.05 19:30-20:30
30.05 & 31.05 18:00-19:00
Theatre, Comedy, in English, Text based but visual
Suitable for all ages
The hilarious behind-the-scenes exposé of the play-within-a-play that brought Denmark to its knees and set the stage for murder, debauchery and mayhem when Prince Hamlet commissions a company of actors to perform the classic tragedy ‘The Murder of Gonzago’. The actors take the job not knowing what the play really is and with minutes to go, must come up with what might be the most important performance of their lives. Presented by Prague Shakespeare Company so it will be good.
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/the-murder-of-gonzago/


The Rosie Rogers Cowgirl Show
at Divadlo Kampa
23.05 – 26.05 21:30-22:30
27.05 20:00-21:00
Dance Theatre in English, text based but visual
Suitable for all
The Rosie Rogers Cowgirl Show is a semi-autobiographical one-woman dance show where we meet Rosie Rogers the cowgirl, showgirl and little lady. With her sidekick Pony Grrrl, she spins tales of her home on the range and how she roped ‘n’ wrangled her man. Styled with tongue-in- cheek nostalgia, Rosie will teach y’all the best two-step this side of the Atlantic.
‘A one-woman dance party’ (The Houston Press).
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/the-rosie-rogers-cowgirl-show/


Untitled Shakespeare
at Divadlo Kampa
28.05 & 29.05 23:00-23:45
30.05 & 31.05 18:30 v19:15
Theatre, Comedy, Cabaret in English, text based but visual
Suitable for all ages
Three idiots met in a café in Paris in Liverpool: One had walked out of Richard III after a wardrobe disagreement; the other two had just been fired from Macbeth for only knowing five lines between them, those lines being from Hamlet. They made a show. They said it was Shakespeare. The critics had a different opinion. And who’s the French guy? Well at least he has his own costume…
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/untitled- shakespeare/


A Special Day
at A Studio Rubín
27.05 – 29.05 21:30-22:30
30.05 & 31.05 17:00-18:00
Theatre in English, text based by visual
Suitable for ages 14+
Acclaimed Mexican actors Ana Graham and Antonio Vega use a few simple props and a piece of chalk to create their own theatrical adaptation of Ettore Scola’s Italian movie Una Giornata Particolare. Rome 1938. As Hitler visits Mussolini’s Italy, a chance encounter between two neighbours changes their lives forever.
***** ‘A must-see bittersweet drama’ (British Theatre Guide). ***** ‘Genius!’ (TheaterMania.com, New York). **** ‘Surely worth celebrating’ (Time Out New York).”
More info: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/programme-2014/a-special-day/


WHEN: May 23 to May 31

WHERE: 7 separate venues around Mala Strana, Malostranska Beseda is the home base for the festival where you will find programs and the box office.

COST: 150czk adults, 100czk students; Festival Voucher 600czk for 5 performances - each voucher must be exchanged for a ticket on the door, arrive early to avoid disappointment as a voucher does not guarantee entry to a ‘sold out’ show

ADVANCE PURCHASE: online through Ticketstream here or at the Fringe Box office at Malostranska Beseda.

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.praguefringe.com/en/

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