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Smilling Christmas Wishes to all the Families, 2013

on 18 December 2013 by Darina


Dear Families, Dear all,
This Christmas I would love to wish you...MANY MANY SMILES. Ha, there is a higher purpose for this wish. The other day my Nikki walked out of pre-school shouting:“Mommy, mommy, I had a great experience today…” My mind started producing images of giant Spiderman visiting his school or alive Lego Chima warrior.. Niki blew me off with explanation: “I came to school today, and Tada (his friend) gave me a beautiful smile…It made my day…

See, you might live in a country with different language to yours. With different rules and sometimes crazy attitude. (Yes, I am talking about the Czech republic…) Yet again - a smile is International. Smile is the same in any language…..if you meet up with an Eskimo and you smile, I bet you he will know you mean well.. :-)........

...........There is just not enough smiles and very often one smile could change the whole meaning of anything that is being said.

Therefore. I wish you lots of reasons to smile in upcoming year 2014, I wish you lots of people smiling back at you, I wish you smiling Kids and lots of happiness with them.
After all, smile costs nothing :-)

In case, you are down and think there are not that many reasons to smile, try here. It always makes my day. Smiling Babies :-) If you feel like it, share your Babies laughing with us :-)

Marcus laughing:
Ethan laughing:
Babies laughing:

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