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Hergetova Cihelna’s Sunday Family Brunch, Prague 1

Restaurants and Cafes, Family Brunches on 19 December 2008 by Karen (7 comments)


There are basically 2 ways to have Sunday lunch with the kids at Hergetova Cihelna (Hergetov’s brickyard). Once you arrive at David Cerny’s (in) famous fountain of 2 men urinating water into a small pool in the shape of the map of the Czech Republic, you can either turn left or right.


A turn to the left will lead you to the top level of the restaurant, where the Family Brunch Buffet is served. A right-hand turn, on the other hand will take you to the lower level of the restaurant, where you will be offered an a-la-carte menu as well as stunning views of Charles Bridge and the Vltava river. Luckily the two levels are internally interconnected, so you can change your mind and go the other way.


The Sunday Family Brunch buffet costs 495 CZK p/h for adults and 195 CZK for children over the age of 5. Anyone younger than that gets to eat for free. Drinks are charged separately. The buffet itself is not huge but offers a sufficient choice of entrées, mains and desserts.

The play area is situated on the same level as the Sunday Family Brunch and between 11am and 3pm up to 3 babysitters are present to keep an eye on the children. There are plenty of toys and equipment to keep little monkeys occupied including slides, a ball pool, small scooters and LEGO tables. When all that fails, a large plasma television screen helps to save the day. Once a month, as part of its Sunday Family Brunch, Hergetova Cihelna organizes thematic brunches some of which have included Bob the Builder, LEGO, puppet and magician shows.


The lower level offers both indoor as well as outdoor seating on a large terrace, which has uninterrupted views of Charles Bridge. When we ate here on a sunny but chilly Sunday afternoon in late October, the outside heaters and a good supply of blankets ensured that we didn’t get any frost-bite.

The menu was quite extensive with dishes ranging from Czech favourites such as duck, piglet and potato dumplings to seafood including monk fish, salmon and lobster. Vegetarians were not forgotten either. The sashimi and foie gras pizza did look tempting but in the end I chose the organic wild mushroom risotto with parmesan, and found it absolutely delicious.

image  image

The relatively new Bio (organic) menu allows customers to choose from 3 entrées, 3 mains and a dessert, all of which have been prepared using only organic food sources.

It cost 195 CZK to buy a kids’ meal from the special children’s menu and the dishes included chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes, grilled sausages with French fries, baked salmon with potatoes and spaghetti with tomato sauce. Once we had had our entrée and 3-year-old Albie finished his grilled sausage, I took him to the play area on level 2. After verbally registering his presence with the babysitters, I was able re-join the adults again.

image  image

The only negative experience was the 45 minutes of waiting time between our entrée and main course. This made us a bit wary of ordering dessert, although I must say that the traditional Czech pancakes with blue berries and sour cream on the Organic Menu looked terribly tempting…


OPEN: Sunday Family Brunch from August-June: 11am – 15pm

ADDRESS: Cihelna 2b, Mala Strana, Prague 1; Tel: 296 826 103

FURTHER INFORMATION: www.kampagroup.com

DIRECTIONS: By Tram take 12, 18, 20 or 22 and get off at Klarov. By Metro catch the green A line to metro stop Malostranska, walk down towards the river and veer left into Cihelna street (5 minute walk). By car: paid outdoor parking available at Maostranske Namesti (10 minute walk to restaurant) or for the cash price of 120 CZK a special parking card is available for purchase directly from the restaurant. This will enable you to park in the blue zone (marked by blue lines on the road – normally reserved for local residents only) – parking cards available for the duration of 120 minutes.

  • Karen on 27 June 2009 @ 12:15 PM

    Hergetova Cihelna will hold its last family brunch on 30.6.2009. The new brunch season will resume after the summer holidays on 30.8.2009.

  • Vidya on 02 September 2009 @ 04:04 PM

    Hi Karen,

    We visited this restaurant twice. Once on a Saturday in July and the second time on a Sunday this August. There is really no play area there now except for a couple of small houses outside for kids to play. In July there were at least a few scooters which our son really loved, but last week when we went there even these had been removed.

    What we like about the place is the food and the service. Of course, we almost had the place to ourselves both times, so its not surprising that the service was so good :-)

  • Karen on 02 September 2009 @ 09:06 PM

    Hi Vidya - it sounds as if your visit was during the summer period of July and August, when HC do not have any play area or supervised child-minding available. I believe that this has changed now in September, and that they will be back to their regular, Sunday brunches with full-on child-minding and a great area for kids to play in. They sent out a group email a few days ago which mentioned this. Hopefully their service will remain as good as it was before. Please do let me know, if you should visit HC again in the next few months and let me know what it was like. All the best!

  • Vidya on 02 September 2009 @ 10:25 PM

    Hi Karen, We will definitely visit the place again and hopefully it would have a great play area and more activity for kids. We just got a little confused since it was mentioned that the last brunch would be on 30/08/2009. Even without the play area, this place has probably one of the best riverside views and we love it! Thanks for this lovely website, it is tremendously helpful for people like me who are new to Prague.

  • Karen on 03 September 2009 @ 08:50 AM

    Thanks for pointing out the error in the date, Vidya! Thank you also for your nice compliment about Kids In Prague! Keep watching our pages for new entries each week and please let me/us know, if you should come across some new place that we haven’t covered yet.

  • Vidya on 03 September 2009 @ 09:19 AM

    Hi Karen, sorry didn’t mean to point out any errors, you guys are really doing a fabulous job and I know how difficult it is to manage it along with kids. The only new place that I have been to which is probably not mentioned here is the indoor playground in Budejovicka in Prague 4. It is attached to a coffee shop on the 3/4 th floor (can’t remember which one exactly) right at the shopping center above the metro station. I like the place since my son who is almost 2, loves to play with the cars and the scooters and they also have a mini trampoline for the slightly older kids. Apart from that, it has the usual games and toys for all toddlers. You can have a nice cup of coffee and relax while watching over the kids having a good time! A nice place to go to when its raining or too cold. And they charge only 50kc for the whole day!

  • Karen on 03 September 2009 @ 09:52 AM

    That sounds like a really cool place - I’ll try to check it out myself or ask Darina or Larissa to do, if they should be in the area before me. Thanks again!

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