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The Christmas House (Vanocni Dum), Karlovy Vary

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We discovered this Christmas House by chance when driving by. I haven’t seen anything like it in the Czech Republic, only in the US. Actually my first thought was - Americans will love this! It’s an hour drive from Prague and will make an awesome day trip. They have several exhibitions of ALL kinds of Christmas decorations. There are so many that my brain could not comprehend. And of course you can purchase the majority of them. Apart from this they have a cafe and an outdoor Bethlehem. They organise different events for kids, Christmas carol singing, meet Santa etc.


The Christmas House is situated in Castle Doubi. The Christmas House is open all year round so if you are a Christmas lover, you can stop by even in your shorts. That’s how Australians must feel :-)


When you pass through the gate to the courtyard of the castle you will enter a beautiful Christmas world. Even in summer you can smell the Christmas cookie scent.


I must admit I don’t have a talent for decorating and re-decorating. Last Christmas I seriously wanted to have the nicest Christmas tree ever - since it was out first Christmas in our new house. Oh well, my Christmas tree ended up looking like a one big mess and I wasn’t proud of it. Here, they have so many different variations of tasteful, matched decorations in different colours, I could just pick a whole set and carefully take it home. They also offer a consultancy with decorating, but it is enough just to spend few hours here and pick what you like.


It truly is like entering a fairy-tale. They have so many decorations I have never seen apart from maybe Salzburg in Austria. They also specialise in hand painted Christmas decorations of all kinds like: guitars, lollypops, cup cakes even Jack Daniels bottles :-)

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They hold different work-shops where you can create your own wooden decorations and have a calender of events plus their web is also in English so you can check it any time you want.


There is a special room with a display of miniature decorated Christmas houses, carousels, Ice-rinks you name it. With lots and lots of lights. This truly took my breath away. I didn’t know where to look first. You can also purchase these miniatures. I haven’t seen them anywhere in Prague, never mind other Czech cities and a girlfriend used to bring similar pieces from the USA.


I have no idea how long this place has been around for, maybe something like 5-6 years and they organise many concerts with famous Czech singers.

Angel´s Café

You can take a break in Angel´s Café, have some Christmas cake, apple strudel and warm up your stomach with hot chocolate or tea with cinnamon and honey. Again - its fully decorated in Christmas theme. You will leave the Christmas house not only with a full stomach, but with lots of amazing experiences too.

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The closest event: Meet Mikulas (click here to find out more about Mikulas/St.Nicolas) - 5.12. at 15:30, Adults: 50 czk, Kids: 100 czk


ADDRESS: Studentská 73, Zámeček (Castle) Doubí, Karlovy Vary

OPEN: Mo-Tue: closed, Wed - Sun: 13:00 - 18:00

ADMISSION FEE: 50 czk, kids up to 3y: Free



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