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Voky Tattoo & Design Salon, Prague 5

Just for Mums on 12 May 2009 by Darina


Yes. This is mine. Permanent, I know. For some this can be a bit shocking but for some Moms who fancy small or large decoration on their body based on my own experience I have the perfect tip. Safe, English speaking and located close to Andel with several International awards for design meet Voky - Jiri Vokalek is his full name.

My story is so typical. Teenage rebel gets a small tattoo on shoulder despite family disgust and blackmail. 10 years later not happy with it anymore I had it re-made to a flower that turned out horrible. Knowing I had one last chance for correction I searched and searched until I found the one.


Recommended by many people and after 2 months research and comparisement I chose Voky - an Art School graduate, designer and graphic artist and now a Great Tattooist. I was looking for someone with vision - who created their own designs and images rather than copying someonelses work. I needed someone who would learn something about my character and life story and make a masterpiece just for me.


I was very happy with the look of his studio, clean and cozy with a little garden. After my explanation he took a felt-tip-pen and in few minutes drew a sketch right on my skin respecting my wishes and hiding the nasty flower in the new design. There was nothing to change so I went ahead straight away.

The great thing about this tattoo master is that he’s traveled a lot and is really laid back, speaks good English and respects all hygiene procedures and also does piercing.

I have to say though, like many artists he had some time management issues. He did cancel one of our appointments or once started 40 min later than our agreed appointment time. I am a bit pedantic when it comes to time and being late, understandable when one has kids. But after straightening up the matters all was fine and it was worth it. He is often booked 2 - 4 weeks in advance but this is still considered good compared to other Prague salons. Some other well known Tattooists have a 3 - 6 months!!! waiting list.

One more tip: every time I’ve been tattooed my “fragile feminine” body reacted to it by feeling really cold so you might want to dress up a bit warmer. Depending on where you plan your tattoo remember you will have to undress. It’s no picnic to sit half naked on one spot for 2 hours so find something you can just pull it aside so the tattooed area is uncovered but you can still stay dressed and warm.

I am happy to answer any questions via email on: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


ADDRESS: VOKY Tattoo Studio, Bieblova 5 - Prague 5

CONTACT: +420 776 052 847, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)