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Kids in Prague

Winter Brunch at Zofin Garden Restaurant with Kids Entertainer, Prague 1

Family Brunches on 02 February 2013 by Darina (1 comment)


Zofin Garden is a restaurant in the famous Zofin Palace (Zofinsky Palac) on Slavonic (Slovansky) Island, smack in the centre of Prague by the river. The Palace and the Restaurant are run by a sophisticated Gastro Group called Zatisi Group who have been on the market for quite some time. Zofin Garden is a family oriented restaurant with an Indoor Play area for kids (only in the warmer months in the marquee outside) and Sunday family brunches with a Children’s Entertainer. We have been to the outdoor garden brunch featuring a trampoline and slide before, but we’ve never been to the winter Brunch. Here is how it went.


Not to confuse anybody but in the warmer months Zofin Garden operates mainly in the marquee outside. Here you have the play area for kids and a beautiful view of the river. When its cold, really cold - they cannot heat up the tent enough and they host you inside the Palace - in the restaurant itself. Here they don’t normally have play area and but they do have the Children’s Entertainer for their Sunday Family brunches. We visited right before Christmas.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Normally the food here is served as a Brunch Buffet. Due to the low season, until the end of March the food is served in “family style”. That means, no buffet but 3 types of starters, variations of salads, meats and side dishes, sauces followed by choice of deserts served to the middle of each table. Also during this time Animation team is booked according to the number of children in bookings. Therefor, when making the booking ask about the program for Kids

Outdoor Garden                                                              Inside the Restaurant                        

Zofin Palace has a rich history and a beautiful Ballroom. Coming here for a ball you feel almost like you are in a Cinderella tale. The palace is separated on the Island and is lit up at night. Red carpets going up the big staircase sure make you feel important before entering the palace halls! I have been here for several Dancing-Balls and loved it. In recent years the Žofín Palace venue has become the place for Czech and international social, political, cultural and business events of exceptional importance.


That’s it. Now to the Winter Brunch in the Palace restaurant. It surprised me that it is cheaper then other popular brunches around Prague and the quality of food is great. I have been told that the Chef who is in charge of the brunches here is an expert in fresh and home-made ingredients. It is no secret that it’s cheaper for restaurants to buy semi-prepared ingredients that they warm up or defrost. Here, the Chef sticks to the basics and she makes everything from scratch. For example Roux which you usually buy granulated is prepared here the old traditional way. See the MENU of the brunch: here


The price is: 695czk per Adult and includes a Bohemia Sparkling wine welcome drink, the unlimited buffet menu and unlimited consumption of soft drinks, coffee and tea as well as unlimited consumption of beer and house wine.
Kids aged 6 to 12 years are 295czk and kids under 5 eat for free.
The real attraction for kids is the Chocolate Fountain. Apart from the animation this is what my kids always remember from here.

Live Jazz is performed for every Sunday Brunch. It makes you feel laid back. We were wondering what was going to happen when our Marcus knocked down the stand with the musicians notes while he had gone for a break, the boys collected all the pages but messed them all up completely not knowing the sequence of pages… but the chilled clarinetist didn’t even wink and played, pretending all was in place :-)


Zofin Garden hire 2 entertainment agencies for their brunches. At least 3-4 people look after your children keeping them busy and happy, playing games, participating in craft projects or simply watching over them. This gives you full freedom to enjoy your Sunday morning without stress. The agency we experienced this time was called RTC Agency and it is a popular Agency hired for birthday or company parties. Always one of them speaks English and all of them are young and motivated people. More about the RTC agency down below.


The same day we came here a girlfriend of mine, Irina, went for brunch at Hergetova Cihelna. They payed more and the children were bored. I am not criticising the Hergetova CIhelna brunch but I have heard several times that’s it’s a family brunch yet the kids don’t have that much to do there. Here they are constantly occupied and entertained.

Not to forget - on our visit there was a group celebrating their daughter’s Birthday. Because of the structure of the restaurant it didnt bother anybody and the Birthday party crowd didnt have to worry about providing their own Kids program as it was already in place. The Restaurant Manager Tomas Vetrovec - is very forthcoming and could take care of additional Entertainers for a Kids Birthday party during the Brunch or any other requests that you may have. You can inquire directly to him via email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


If the weather is nice you can unleash your kids at the playground right next to the restaurant or have a walk around the island. This is a place where you can also rent boats for paddle on Vltava river. Easy parking really helps here. You can drive up all the way to the Island and park right next to the palace. The fee is standard - 50czk per hour. We have covered the playground before and you can find it: here


RTC Animation Agency
This is not the first time I’ve come across RTC Production agency. I have heard from other people that they provide very good services for organising any kind of party or presentation, including decorations and kid’s program. Their first events were focused on Kids and remain, however since 2006 they’ve expanded into Sales Promotion events, Road shows and Events for shopping malls such as Halloween and St. Nicolas etc. A good TIP if you work in Marketing.

RTC Animators at the brunch

They are based in the Galerie Nove Butovice shopping mall and they organise all events for this Mall as well. Here they run a Family afternoon with games and entertainment for kids - for FREE every Sunday. Their biggest event for kids which is known all over the Prague is: The Fairy Tale Forest (Pohadkovy Les). We attended in 2012 and it is massive. It’s a whole day program with bouncy castles, activities, sponsor tents that continues all the way to the Prokopske Udoli park. There are around 12 stations with Fairy Tale creatures (people in masks) where Kids fulfill exiting tasks and collect stamps to receive an award. Since this is an article about Zofin Garden I will write up a separate article on this subject with all the details and information closer to the event.

Pohadkovy Les-Fairy Tale Forest by RTC

I just wanted to give you a hint - if you are looking for Birthday Entertainers or any party organiser - I can recommend RTC Production. Contact: Tomáš Haffner, +420 777 107 735, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A Family Sunday Afternoon in Galerie Nove Butovice by RTC

  • Paula R. Obradovic on 13 March 2013 @ 11:44 AM

    Thank you for the tip. I know the place but was just there for parties and now that i have a kid it’s nice to know that it’s a good option for my family. I know Zatisi Group very well and it’s comforting to know they are catering for Zofin. For sure we’ll try on warmer weather!

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