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Yoga for Mothers, Prague 1

Just for Mums, Sports and Fitness on 30 April 2012 by Larissa


This class is not the exclusive domain of mothers, it’s suitable for anyone who wishes to strengthen and develop their core abdominal muscles and in turn ensure a strong back and improved posture. I do see these benefits as essential for any woman who has carried a baby, as pregnancy physically changes the body enormously. The other benefit of this class is the option to bring along your baby or toddler as babysitting is available.

Our instructor Monica Angelucci teaches a combination of vinyasa flow with Iengar alignment principles ensuring that we get the most benefit out of each posture completed in class. The physical work in class is importantly assisted by breathing techniques employed to support and reinforce safe and powerful movement, not just during class but also outside of class when undertaking daily life activities.


My own personal experience is worth reflecting on at this particular moment. I met Monica after the birth of my first child Lucie. After pregnancy I had experienced constant bouts of backache and struggled to lift my daughter from her cot, my posture was also compromised - my hips were rolled forward and shoulders back as if I was still carrying a heavy load up front. The regular sessions with Monica followed by decision to join her intensive teacher training course took me to a place that exceeded my physical strength and mental wellbeing prior to pregnancy.


When it came to my second pregnancy the yoga training and practice served me well. I never suffered from backache during pregnancy or post-childbirth. My increased core strength, awareness of breath and contraction of the abdominal muscles when lifting children ensured a healthy back.

I’ve been attending Monica’s class on Thursday with a group of friends who started the class with limited or no experience of yoga. I’ve watched their abdominal strength, flexibility and balance improve considerably over time and their enthusiasm is still retained.


Classes are held at Yogame, a friendly and centrally located studio close to Narodni Trida. Yogame run a good variety of classes (including Pilates) and regular workshops taught by a range of teachers in Czech, English and Spanish. We’ve covered their studio in the past (read here) as this studio runs kids yoga classes (presently twice on Sundays ‘joga pro děti’ in Czech & English).


Babysitting can be arranged for this Thursday morning class, this service will cost you an additional 50czk. You just need to confirm this with the studio 1 or 2 days prior to class. I recommend you bring along some toys and a drink or snack for your child as the yoga class runs for 90 minutes. The babysitter is with children in an adjacent room so you can hop out of class if you hear your little one requiring your attention. There is a lift to the studio so it’s easy to access with a pram.


If you are interested in private lessons, small group classes or would like to find out about Monica’s teacher training or upcoming workshop (Mind Awake, Body Alive) then you can contact her direct via her website.

Yogame has a range of passes for regular visitors. Most classes run for 90 minutes and a casual class costs 230czk, but if you purchase more you pay less per class: 3 lessons 600 (200/lesson), 5 lessons 950 (190/lesson), 10 lessons 1800 (180/lesson). They also have a special web offer for new students which allow you to try the various teachers and lessons offered, enabling you find one that suits you best. This offer is 3 classes for 500czk.


This place is one of my weekly (or twice weekly) indulgences that I feel happy to share with our readers, as it keeps a skip in my step and a wry smile on my face, even when the kids are doing their best to wear me down!

CLASS WITH BABYSITTING: Thursdays 9.45 to 11.15am


ADDRESS: Národní 21, Prague 1

CONTACT: phone: 602 770 867 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

DIRECTIONS: By Metro: Take the yellow line B to Narodni Trida or the green line A to Mustek and walk towards the National Theatre. By Tram: Take tram no’s 6, 9, 18, 21 or 22 to Narodni Trida. By Car: There is a paid parking right opposite the Yogame building. The building is not marked Yogame so you have to remember its number 21. Ring the bell marked Yogame and walk up to the first floor where the studio is.