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Yoga with Baby, Prague 2

Just for Mums, Sports and Fitness on 19 January 2010 by Larissa


After giving birth to Ari back in May I felt the need to get back to some form of exercise. Yoga has helped me so much over the years and really does give me strength both physically and mentally. So it was great timing when Prague Yoga emailed their new schedule which included a new Yoga class on Tuesdays specially catering for mums with babies aged 6 weeks right up until they start to crawl.

Let me begin by stating that the class is truly open to everyone who happens to have a little person in their life, so Dads, Grandparents and Caregivers are all welcome to attend. The class does cater to babies, you learn a few gentle exercises and massages that you can perform on them and you even use them as a weight or counter weight when performing the poses - therefore you do not have to have given birth to get something out of the class. Then again….if you have given birth you will get maximum benefit from attending.


Exercise is usually encouraged 6 weeks after birth. From my experience I can fully endorse the class at this early stage. Lucie is an experienced teacher of Yoga and has had 3 children of her own so she is sensitive to your recovering body and it’s limitations. We had a couple of girls in our class who had cesarian births and special attention was paid to them particularly when working the core muscles.


I cannot recommend more the benefit of practicing yoga after childbirth, I even wrote a paper on this topic (I have almost finished my yoga teacher training). Just the company of other people who have been through this life changing experience is powerful enough, tips are shared, encouragement given and new friendships are formed. Even the babies, despite their newness, seem to enjoy each others company.


The classes are also naturally equitable in that newer mums with limited strength have to raise and lift and lug around a lightweight child - lets say 3 to 4kg and then there are mums like me with improved strength and hefty 6 month old children nearing 9kg!


Classes are conducted similar to a regular yoga class - there is concentration on breath work to relax the mind and body, and a mix of regular and modified yoga poses specifically chosen to help you rebuild the core muscles, the pelvic floor and to help you realign your posture. Work is also undertaken to stretch and release tension in the problem areas - mainly the back and shoulders - especially if you are breast feeding. Now, a small warning, think about the fact that there will be little babies in the room with you - don’t go expecting the ambiance of a day spa - expect to hear some crying, fussing and ahem…some rather loud farting (from the babies that is!).


The chaos of parenthood is well and truly present even during yoga, one of us is always having to jump up and find a dummy/pacifier, feed a baby or put one to sleep. The studio is quite well set up for such a scene, there is a couch and room around the corner where feeding can be done, nappies changed and prams are left or are often occupied by sleeping babes. The atmosphere is relaxed and tolerant so there is no need to feel worried if your child decides to protest or even fall asleep on their mat.


The class runs for 90 minutes in English and also Czech and costs a reasonable 200CZK. Class space is limited so you need to email Lucie at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to reserve your space - so don’t hesitate, it’s great!! For others interested in regular yoga classes I can recommend Prague Yoga who have a variety of talented teachers who conduct classes in both English and Czech.

TIME: Tuesdays 10 till 11.30am

COST: 200CZK for 90 minute class

RESERVATION: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

ADDRESS: Prague Yoga Studio, Plavecka 12, Prague 2

DIRECTIONS: BY METRO: Take the Yellow line C to Karlovo Namesti and exit at Palackeho Namesti, the studio is a 5 to 10 min walk. BY TRAM: Take tram numbers 3, 7, 16 or 21 to Vyton or 4, 10 or 14 to Palackeho Namesti or 18 or 24 to Albertov. BY CAR: A few paid parking spots are in Na Hrobsi and a few around the corner in Vyserhradska, plenty of paid parking is in Hlavova, Albertov - near the University.