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Yogame Centrum: Yoga for Kids, Prague 1

Sports and Fitness on 29 September 2010 by Darina


...and for Moms as well! I was wondering how my 4 & 5 year old boys would react to a yoga class when we went for the first time to this newly opened centre on Narodni Trida. The location was very convenient because it is right in the centre and close to trams and the Metro. And the timing of the kids class at 18.00 was also perfect as it didn’t clash with pre-school and after-school activities.

The fact that they decided to advertise on our web doesn’t shape my review for you.


Finally, I’ve found somewhere that is decent for Yoga and Pilates. I have tried several places here in Prague and unless it is in an expensive fitness club the majority of Yoga venues seem to be dull and squashed into some basement. I don’t understand why some people think that Yoga can be undertaken just about anywhere. Shouldn’t it be body and mind experience? Never mind, because Yogame have done a very good job.


The centre finds itself on the first floor and has spacious changing rooms and showers. I always love that about sporting places. And most of all - it’s clean and modern.

The kids lessons are currently on Wednesdays at 18:00 and running at the same time in another classroom they have a Pilates class for parents; just perfect. You can drop your kid off to do Kids Yoga and you can do your Pilates! On this visit though I did not go to Pilates so can only judge our experience of the kids class. We will try out other courses at Yogame though because I managed to win a 3 month membership to their centre at the Expat Expo, so together with Larissa I am sure we will cover the rest for you in the months to come.


Back to the class, the Instructor was friendly and professional. The class was in Czech because there were no foreign children present, but if if any non-Czech speaking child attends the class it will naturally be held in both Czech and English.

What I completely fell for was the way the Instructor led the kids through the class. Imagine this. She pulled out spaghetti. Cooked and uncooked. She first demonstrated to the kids what they should look like and after that asked them to perform as spaghetti laying down. Stiff and straight and then as a limp noodle afterwards. I think it’s a brilliant way how to make children understand what you want them to do.


After that every child one-by-one chose a picture of an animal and then they created a yoga pose which copied the animals position or movement. My elder one Marcus loved it. Nicolas is withdrawn in new situations so it took him 30 min to join the group, but eventually he could not resist the feeling to roar like a lion!

Actually this was quite funny. I walked out from the class to talk to the owner Honza and I heard my Nikki screaming his head off. Knowing my demolition squad and their constant fighting I ran to the classroom in order to remove him. But, I ended up looking like a intruder because all the kids including mine were nicely sitting on the floor performimg THE ROARING LION :-)


As newcomers they are very flexible to any suggestions and ideas that you may have. The centre encourages parents and kids from all over Prague to join them and English is widely spoken. The class costs 150 CZK which is very reasonable. Or you can purchase 10 lessons for 1200CZK (120CZK per lesson).

Why Yoga for Kids?:
Yoga helps children not only in correct physical development, but also to feel better about themselves, and to be more connected to their community. Kids learn how to relax, develop their imagination and how to have a joy of life. Yoga teaches kids to be calm and have less stress in their life.


OPEN: 10:00 - 21:15

ADDRESS: Národní 21, Prague 1

DIRECTIONS: By Car: I would not dream of going here by car, but if you must there is a paid parking right opposite the Yogame building. By Metro: Take the yellow line B to the stop: Narodni Trida. By Tram: Take tram no’s 6, 9, 18, 21 or 22 to the stop: Narodni Trida. Turn left into Narodni (the big Tesco building will be on your right) and walk in the direction of the river. When you pass McDonald’s you have 10 metres to go. The building is not marked Yogame so you have to remember its number 21. Ring the bell and walk to the first floor where the studio is.