Kids in Prague

Zofin Playground - Slovansky Island, Prague 1

Playgrounds on 25 April 2009 by Darina


Such and exclusive spot like Slovansky Island deservs an exclusive playground. This new retro playground has been designed by famous architects to match the functionality of the famous Manes Gallery right next door. It’s easily accessed and very close to Narodni Trida Street and the centre of Prague.


The playground is surrounded by a low fence and in one area has three independent sandpits with wooden benches, a counter, a drawing board, a selling counter and other attractions. (I only know it’s a selling counter because I found it on the Internet: I guess I am lacking a child’s imagination in my elderly age!) The other area is more open and designed to appeal to older kids with equipment such as slides, rope attractions and lots of swings.


It’s a great experience for everyone because of the gorgeous location. Since this is an Island, the water surrounding it creates an incredibly refreshing atmosphere. The unique architecture of the riverbank apartments and buildings on one side of you and the castle view on the other also adds to the special atmosphere.


Don’t get confused by another playground at the end of the Island. This playground surrounded by a high fence and is usually locked, it is for the use of the local kindergarten only. There is no way you could get confused if you walk from the direction of Narodni Trida.


I was a bit surprised to see one of the fathers doing his Yoga session there while his kid was playing. I am quite open minded person, but it looked a bit weird. Or, maybe us Czechs are not used to such things.

If you cross the river and head left you will find yourself at Detsky Ostrov Playground (Children’s Island) that you will find practical on hot days since it has a mist shower for kids and a little paddle fountain as well as many other attractions for kids.


Not long ago we reviewed a restaurant with a kids play area right next door to this Playground called Zofin Garden Our great experience of this venue have been clouded somewhat with Larissa’s little Lucie breaking her arm on their trampoline late last year. I strongly hope they have removed it by now.

OPEN: unlimited

ADDRESS: Slovansky Ostrov, Prague 1

DIRECTIONS: Take Tram numbers 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23 to tram stop Narodni Divadlo. Zofin Playground can easily be reached by car and paid parking is available right on the island for 50kc per hour. If there is a function being held at Zofin Ballroom parking will probably not be available and you might be turned away.