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Sawasdee Thai Massage, Prague 1

Just for Mums on 10 July 2008 by Larissa


I’ve passed these massage places so often and never given them a second look, that was until my sister insisted that we step inside and try it out - her treat! Thai massage is known for it’s firm but effective manipulation of the muscles and skeletal structure. The practice is similar to other eastern type massage where the masseuse works to open up channels of energy and help make the body fluid again. More simply with western logic, massage helps loosen up muscles, stimulates blood flow, unblocks any tension, helps realign our posture and improves sleep.

This treatment is so suited to post natal women and this was exactly what I was when I first stepped foot into Sawasdee (near Mustek metro). My body was adjusting to no longer having to carrying around a huge bowling ball tummy. I also had no stomach muscles supporting my spine even though I was carrying around a heavy newborn day and night. All this contributed to regular, painful backache and insomnia. How helpful did I find these professional masseuse in those early days: they were invaluable!

The Thai masseuse are all qualified and their gentle nature and warm smiles help you really relax and enjoy the experience. Generally they are all women (I’ve seen 2 men working from time to time) and when the women are not busy they sit on the floor in the same room, playing cards and singing Thai ballads. I was told to bring my new baby in and they would look after her for me whilst I had my massage. I did not take them up on this offer as my husband was always able to look after my daughter. But I would not hesitate to go there in the future with baby and let them look after her for me secure in the knowledge that baby was in the same room and surrounded by adoring ‘aunties’.


Sawasdee offer two foot massages and two traditional thai massages; the foot massage concentrates on stimulating the internal organs, the traditional massage focuses more on balancing the mind and body. The 30 minute foot massage is 400 CZK and the 60 minute foot massage is for 600 CZK. I recommend the 60 minute massage, they wash your feet in warm, scented water before beginning the treatment - a pleasant touch after pounding the pavements. The massages concentrate on the legs and feet, paying particular attention to the soles with a wooden peg that massages and stimulates all the vital organs. They then move onto your back, shoulders and neck. I remember one woman actually managing to harness and push out horrible tension in my shoulders straight out through my arms and fingers - I felt amazing afterwards. I am yet to experience the traditional thai massage, I will undertake this research soon! They offer a 60 minute massage for 600CZK and a 120 minute massage for 900CZK. Please note though that in a recent brochure they raise their prices by 25% on weekends!

Do not feel shy in asking them to concentrate on a particular problem area, they will be happy to do this. I do in turn, hand the masseuse a tip on leaving (around 50 CZK) as they do work so physically hard during the treatment.


The most convenient thing is that you just drop into the massage centre whenever you like, they usually have a space. Only once they were full, I was with a friend and they told us we could come back in 30 minutes. Instead we walked to their other location right near Starometska metro and had the whole place to ourselves. Sawasddee also have two other massage centres on the other side in Mala Strana, one is right at Ujezd and the other is on Kampa Island underneath the Charles Bridge.

OPEN: 12pm till 10pm

ADDRESS: Rytirska 19, Prague 1 (phone 224 226 105), Zatecka 8, Prague 1 (phone 222 311 996), Ujezd 24, Prague 1 (phone 251 510 528) and Hroznova 5, Prague 1 (phone 257 218 148)

DIRECTIONS: First location is a very short walk from metro Mustek, A and B lines, second location is close to metro Starometska A line, third location is right at Ujezd tram stop (trams 12, 20 or 22), the fourth and newest location is right under Charles Bridge so you can walk from Malostranska tram stop (trams 12, 20 or 22) or walk from metro Malostranska A line.